Romantic Stories (Lost in someone’s love) Episode 2

Romantic Stories (Lost in someone’s love)

These Are The Most Beautiful Romantic Stories Of The Year. This Love Story Is Divided Into 20 Episodes. I Hope You Enjoy To This Romantic Stories. If You Miss Part 1 So Read First Part1.

Romantic Stories

Love Story (Lost in someone’s love)

She didn’t understand what happened to her all of a sudden. Suddenly such a big decision of her life.

Even if she takes her own air color, she would go from the whole neighborhood and ask if they would suit her or not and so suddenly got married.

The decision was made by a person she did not even know.

At first an unknown person offered him help and then his condition that he would marry her made her think a lot about it.

The bad time had come for her. Everyone had left with her. She used to consider her neighbors as her own.

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They were the ones who left their grief-stricken mother only when they did not recognize this right or wrong. Only the daughters of Mohalla Bin Maa

used to think and talk with love, but what can anyone expect from others, Baba? The side of the neighborhood was also rarely allowed to go.

When Baba had a heart attack last night, only two or three men from the neighborhood came to the hospital with him. No one had enough money to

treat his father. The people who came here with him last night said That is why they did not come back to the hospital and nowadays no one lends such a

large amount of money.

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Baba could not take his house even though he had worked all his life. This was his only wish and no matter what, he was able to provide his daughter

with a roof over his head, but despite his hard work all his life, this wish could not be fulfilled.

From place to place there was a loan from the people of the neighborhood. Most of the people would come to the house to ask for it. Baba would put it

in one way or another. Baba was fighting a life and death battle in the hospital today

She was busy with all these thoughts when suddenly Maulvi Sahib entered the room. For his Baba, he had accepted the condition of this unknown man

because his Baba had less time and it was very important to have an operation and as soon as he accepted his condition, Baba’s operation had already


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And as soon as the operation started, the man had arranged for clerics and witnesses as if he was afraid that she would retreat later.

And now Maulvi Sahib was performing the marriage ceremony sitting in front of him. There was no feeling or emotion inside Namish at that time, yet he

had never felt this feeling in his life that he too got married.

He did not want to place any condition in front of him. He was a victim of love at first sight and what is the condition in front of love? There is no

condition in love. It is a feeling that dominates every feeling.

He went to the doctor before talking to him. The doctor said that the operation was of no use. He had been battling the disease for a long time. The

operation was just a hope that his life might be saved. Has gone above

There was no one from her family at the place except an old man who lived in her neighborhood. When she asked the man who he was, he simply said

that the girl’s only recourse was to him. She is the father. If he leaves her, she will be alone

He could understand how a lonely girl would pay for such a difficult time in his life and he did not want any trouble to befall her now.

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He himself was not ready for marriage so soon but yes he wanted to be the support of this girl. I don’t know how in one meeting it became so important

for him that he was ready to make her Mrs. Namish Asher Shah.

Otherwise, by hiding from his family in this way and suddenly he was not in favor of marriage. Well, he will understand his own family. All he had to do

now was to explain to this girl who had fallen in his heart in one meeting.

Her screams were echoing in the corridor of the hospital at that time. Her only recourse was to snatch her. The operation was not successful. Doctors

could not save him because it was too late.

Romantic Stories

Asher was sitting next to him in silence listening to his screams. Zahid Baba was trying to support him.

The deceased was taken to his house. Asher also came with him. He performed all the last rites of his father.

He was alone till yesterday.

He was alone

and free. But today he had a responsibility.

He thought he would take her with him on the fourth day. But before that, it was important to convey this to your family. He also wanted to give Namish

a chance to recover. Of course, he needed time to accept this relationship.

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