Romantic Bedtime Story In English Part 3

Romantic Bedtime Story In English

This Is The Beautiful Romantic Bedtime Story Series. This Romantic Bedtime Story Divided By 20 Episodes. If You Read Episode 1 Click Here

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Romantic Bedtime Story In English
Romantic Bedtime Story In English

Lost in someone’s love
Episode 3

A week had passed

Namish could feel her presence but still did not talk to her at all

Even though they got married, they were completely unaware of each other

Asher had taken all the information about it

But for Namish, he was no less than an ignorant man, so maybe she didn’t talk to him at all, but he has been living here ever since his father died.

He used to come to his house only at night and then go back in the morning. His work was badly disturbed but at that time he did not care about anyone

except Namish.

And I spent almost all of my time with her, but I didn’t address her much because she was crying all the time

Her tear-filled eyes made his heart restless

He had been thinking for a long time that he would talk to her about going home and take her away from here. He had not yet talked to his family about

it. Gave more importance

So he didn’t have more tension than those people

But the problem was that the girl who was not facing him at all after coming here was treating her as if she was just an ordinary man attending her

father’s funeral.

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It was as if he had nothing to do with it, but he intended to make it clear to her and his relationship as soon as possible.

Because now she was ignoring him and it was unbearable for anyone to ignore Asher Shah’s caste in this way.

Till today, wherever he went, everyone’s eyes were on him. He was so used to seeing the importance of himself in everyone’s eyes that this girl’s

ignorance would leave him open.

He could understand that she was in pain at the moment and she did not know him well, but was it not enough to know that she was in his marriage?

Namish, I’ll be ready to pick you up at five o’clock this evening.

What do you mean, let’s go home? This is my house and I’ll stay here. If you want to know, let’s go. This was the first conversation between the two of

them which was very bitter from Namish

No, this is not your home. Your home is where I live

And I’m talking about taking you the same. Pack your essentials. We’re shifting there today. He was making the final decision.

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I don’t think I’m going anywhere with you. You and I will return your three million to you very soon. ”He interrupted her and spoke harshly.

I’m not talking to you about money, I’m just telling you that I’m taking you home with me and it would be better if you also prepare to walk quietly.

I will not go anywhere with you and I will give you your money very soon so it would be better not to rule over me.

۔ You will get your money and then this paper relationship will end here. I did this marriage only to save my father’s life.

I was compelled then but now I am not compelled. Don’t try to make me weak. I can take my fight on my own. Smiled

The girl’s style at the time was as if a little girl were fighting another child for her toy.

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I’ll come to pick you up at five o’clock in the evening and I don’t want to see your style. Now Asher was talking like a little kid trying to stop someone from

doing something and then making him speak. Given a chance, he got up and walked out

Sir, you will not take Madam with you to the mansion. She was asking you to open your new house when her secretary asked.

No, not yet. First, I will prepare Namish for the relationship, then I will tell the family.

Until then, it shouldn’t go out

He always liked to be isolated. He had built a house for himself long ago in which he wanted to live with his mother.

But her mother always said that even if she was not his favorite wife in the chapter, she would not shy away from her duties, no matter what, she would

always stand by her father.

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He was 17 years old when his father brought his beloved wife to the mansion.

Grandma made a lot of noise about how he could make such a big mistake despite being a family wife but his father had clearly said that this is the wife

of his choice with whom he has been married for seven years already.

Even after that he had built this house so that he could take his mother away from them but his mother accepted everything quietly.

He could not bring his mother to this house but he wanted to start a beautiful life with Namish from this house.

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