Online Stories (Lost In Someone’s Love) Love Story

Online Stories (Lost In Someone’s Love) Love Story

This Is The Beautiful Online Stories Series. This Story Is Love Story. This Online Stories And Love Story Is Divided By 20 Episodes. I Hope You Like Online Stories And Love Story Too. Read Previews parts

Online Stories
Online Stories

Lost in someone’s love Episode 4

Uncle, what are you saying? Baba is not in this world, so I don’t have any
She spoke helplessly as he explained
Look, son, I just want to tell you that your father always prayed that his daughter’s fate would be bright and now that such a good boy has married you, I have given my name to every problem of your father. Has taken over, so why don’t you accept it?
Because he has taken advantage of my helplessness
He laid down the conditions of marriage before me to help me
I was forced to support the marriage, I did not understand anything
At that time I had no money and had to marry Baba to save his life
But still, I could not save Baba
And now, if Baba is no more, why should I keep putting this noose around my neck?
Because he is your support
He is no stranger to you
He thought it better to marry you than to show you an illegitimate desire
Evaluate his good intentions from this
Uncle was still trying to explain
I’m not calling them bad uncle just i don’t want to have this relationship i don’t want to have any relationship with them
It’s better to end it. I don’t want him to taunt me all his life in the name of this relationship.
Conditional relationships don’t matter
I sold myself to my father in front of him
It was just a paperwork that ended with my dad
I will file a case of khula against him. I cannot maintain the relationship of compulsion and compromise, uncle
I don’t want to have this relationship, nor do I have to leave his house with this person, he said firmly.
Aunty sitting in front said bitterly
After all, we also have an excuse for our daughters. How long have you been living in this house?
And now you have not paid the rent for the last nine months
Uncle’s style was very confusing
Aunty, I will find a good job soon, I will pay all your money, she said shyly.
No need, we will forgive you the rent
Just leave this house and go to your husband’s house. Uncle stared at his aunt’s style. He probably didn’t like her style either.
Stop staring at me a girl is walking wisely her husband is standing at the door and sitting here is ungrateful
She also knows how rich a man is who doesn’t know how she came to a halt and she doesn’t even touch him.
Now all my life we ​​want to sit and dance on the heads of the people in the neighborhood
Who will give the job to the twelfth pass? Let us also know that with a strong support, we are getting a strong roof. A legitimate relationship from above as if it is losing in its irrationality.
This is the decision of my life
Leave it to me. She was also bitter at his bitter tone
When someone suddenly entered the room. Suddenly seeing her in her house, she got up and went to her room. I don’t know how many times she had been in these ten days.
I told you in the morning to be ready and you are sitting here shedding tears
Once in a while I will explain to you how many times marriage has taken place. You and every girl goes to her husband’s house after marriage.
Come on, stop with me. He sat down with her to explain his stubbornness
When he found her sitting next to him, he immediately got up from near her and walked not one but ten steps away.
While his style had left a charming smile on Asher Shah’s face
Why are you so nervous? There was no one else in Namish. He came closer to her slowly smiling.
Stay away from me, otherwise she angrily raised her finger and started warning him
The next moment, holding his finger, he put his hand on the back of the cross and brought it very close to him.
I have heard that when Hussain’s wife approaches and threatens him, she looks even more beautiful. I also know whether it is true or false. Began to try
If you think that your struggle will be successful, then you are absolutely wrong. He found himself fighting it and spoke in a burning manner.
Look, Mr. Asher Shah, you can’t force me. She gathered all her courage and was looking into his eyes for the first time.
Mrs. Namish Shah, if I had forced you, you would have been ashamed instead of looking me in the eye.
And that your beautiful eyes are telling me a story of suspicion, nor would my madness have endured the heat of my madness and hitherto succumbed to the intoxication of my love.
I would like to tell you that I am not a believer in coercion. Therefore, do not force me to do it by saying force again and again.
He looked at her with deep eyes and said charmingly
I don’t know what a miserable time I was when I asked this man for help.
“I don’t want to go anywhere with you,” she said firmly
And I’ll take you out of here at any cost so shut up and come with me he grabbed her hand and dragged her out with him and forced her into the car
I have tried many times to persuade you to come home with me but you do not believe what you have been forced to do.

Don’t complain
He started the car and spoke calmly, but when he found himself helpless, he burst into tears.
Instead of trying to calm him down, he drove quietly all the way

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