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When Asher’s eyes opened in the morning, Namish was not with him.
He sat up so quickly that he could not rest on his laurels.
And He got up immediately and came out and saw her doing justice to breakfast on the breakfast table
He calmed down and went back to freshen up

What was going on? Someone was cooking khichri in this girl’s mind
She was about to do something, otherwise, how could she be so calm
Thinking about all this, he came down refreshed

Now she was sitting on the steps of the lawn for a cup of tea after breakfast
The maid asked if I could have breakfast.

No, just bring some tea. He nodded and went to her on the lawn
So the beautiful little fairy is enjoying this beautiful morning
He was sitting on the stairs right next to her in a friendly manner

He had inadvertently distanced himself from her, which Asher felt erased so neatly.
It is necessary to sit with me. Is there a place to sit a little farther away?
No, man, I have to sit right next to my wife.

She smiled
Yes, come and sit on my lap … they are sitting nearby, he said angrily
If I sit on your lap, my legs will be broken. I don’t think your delicate legs will be able to carry my load. He spoke in his own words in anger.

Best Romance Story

Best Romance Story

Let go of all these things. Tell me what’s going on in your mind. You can’t sit still so easily. So tell me what you think. You asked him to keep an eye on him.

You said that if I am wise I should use my intellect then now I am using my intellect
I mean, she was simply telling him she was doing something.

All right, do whatever comes to mind. No problem. Your house is as it should be. If you need anything, the maid is always present. You can say that she stood up smiling.
He was as calm then as he was last night, meaning he had no hope for her wisdom. She shuddered.

You will also see the use of my intellect. Mr. Asher Shah said very angrily and began to take a sip of his tea.

Love Story In English

Love Story In English

Asher was getting ready for the office when he picked up his cup.

After drinking tea,

he glanced at the whole house and then got up unintentionally

and began to see the beauty of the house.

It was a big house. It was a very beautiful building. Instead of coming inside the house, it came out of the first house and came to the wide and beautiful lawn where there was probably every flower that could enhance its beauty.

Best New Love Story

Best New Love Story

She knew at that moment that Asher loved gardening because the flowers and the leaves were telling her that he had been lovingly carved.
Such beautiful flowers were placed on one side of the swimming pool
Wow, the beauty slipped out of her mouth.

How could there be such a good choice for such a rotten tomato? She was very impressed with the flowers and fragrance. She was also very fond of gardening.

But there was so much space in her house that she could plant a tree.

Yes, but on the steps of the house, she had placed four rounds. I don’t know if anyone would have given them water or not.
Then I started remembering my father.

Son, if you want to fulfill what you cannot fulfill in your father’s house,

then your husband’s house will be so big that you can plant any plant there. Baba’s longing voice was echoing in his ears. They looked at the front lawn helplessly.

New Love Story 2022

New Love Story 2022

But I cannot accept a forced relationship. I will never let my compulsion become a compromise.
No, I don’t know. In this relationship, I know. He will taunt me. He will be terrified of his money all the time. And anyway, I did all this for you. Baba. Accept

Where the memory of the father was bringing tears to his eyes, the same grievances were the same couple with Asher who was completely distrustful of this relationship. He did not believe in rich people. No rich man can be good enough to marry a helpless girl.

Give her three million rupees and then accept her after the death of her father by giving her the status of his wife.

She was a fairy or the most beautiful girl in the world. And She didn’t even care about her beauty.

She was an ordinary girl and ordinary girls don’t have princes in their life. That prince was not hers either.

Real love Story

Real love Story

He was just looking for an excuse to get close to her. Surely he wouldn’t even face her after getting it. He thought bitterly.

But if I had to get it, I could have paid Rs 3 million to save Baba’s life in the hospital,

but someone else could have placed a condition instead of marriage.

Even when she heard that she ignored it
When the maid ran away, the IBBG whom you had called came to her. The maid told her that she nodded and started walking towards the house.

Asher Shah, now you see, the use of my intellect was full of muttering inside

She stepped inside the house and the lawyer was sitting with her on the sofa in front of her and she came in and greeted them and she came and sat in front of them.

Love Story Boy And girl
Love Story Boy And girl

Asher Sahib, I had no idea that I would be invited to your house
When I got a call from your lady, she gave me your address

I made a note and came here in the morning.
I called you, don’t talk to me, why are you cleaning them up? He spoke angrily. He didn’t like the lawyer’s gentleness with him at all.

The lawyer looked at him with a big grin
I want to file a case of khula. He pointed his finger at Asher. The lawyer looked at him uncertainly while calmly smiling at him.

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I knew in that look that you were not one of them
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me,

Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me.

Lush love Story
Lush love Story

How can such people go? I have called them. You did not. She spoke angrily
Counsel, please tell my wife, how much do you charge for a case?

Because you are already indebted to me,

I don’t want to put anymore burden on you. His manner made him look at the lawyer who suppressed his laughter and said one lakh.

Who was
We have to sign so many fees. What are you charging? What are you going to do? She was full of anger.

What’s wrong, Mr. Lawyer, my wife is often angry with me. It’s been ten days since our marriage. She is angry with me and is using such tactics with me. I promise I will obey you. He spoke with great love

Mr. Sorry, I wasted your time because of me. I felt very bad.
He apologized and the lawyer stood up laughing.

No matter, sir, it is the hardest thing in the world to understand the creatures of these women. This is my own situation. It has been barely three months since my marriage. Inside, she hurled insults at the lawyer and filled her room.

After leaving the lawyer at the door, he was on his way to his mental retardation room.

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