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Disney Bedtime Stories To Read Online
Disney Bedtime Stories To Read Online

Disney Bedtime Stories To Read Online

He came into the room very angry, but when he came into the room and saw his open hair, his wet face, and standing in front of the mirror, his anger had died down.

And now, listening to him, I was absolutely overwhelmed
You can lend me one lakh rupees. Anyway, I owe you thirty lakh rupees. One lakh and I have to pay the fee to the lawyer.

She was saying it in a very series style. Nowhere in her style did it seem that She is joking
Was the girl really that stupid, Asher wondered as she examined him from head to toe
No, I will not give you another rupee.

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I am already regretting wasting my three million rupees.
and doesn’t need to do much drama. Im already knows that you are big in the house of rich people, but you are small in heart. Don’t worry, I will give you your money. As if he had not called Asher rich, but had insulted him.
Sit here. I want to talk to you. He ignored her nonsense and motioned for her to sit down.
My ears are fine and they can hear you from here. She was standing in front of the mirror brushing her hair and her heart was beating.

I am afraid that my words will penetrate into your thick intellect or not, so please come here and sit down. I have to talk to you very important.

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He spoke in a very series manner when he got angry and took one look at him. Looked towards
She had already decided that she was going to bother Asher so much that she would get bored and leave him alone.
And now whatever she was saying was just to annoy him, she was not so stupid that she would ask him for money for a divorce, she would just miss any opportunity to annoy him.

She didn’t want to give up, she just didn’t want to be with that person
Nor could her life control it. Compulsion had attached her to this man, but she could no longer be a slave to his command all her life. This was her life.

She had every right to decide her own life.
Leaving her hair open like this, she slowly stepped onto the bed and Baghor was watching her.
Now please tell me what you want to say.

Short Bedtime Story
Short Bedtime Story

Short Bedtime Story

She was a little nervous when she found herself staring at her like this but then she spoke boldly.
When Asher took the marriage certificate out of his pocket and placed it in front of him
This is a marriage contract and you can see that the right to divorce is not reserved on your behalf. This means that you can never ask me for a divorce nor can you end the relationship.
And no more drama at all, he said looking at her.

As soon as the sky fell on Namish, he was not understanding what he was saying or not. He himself had seen the marriage certificate for the first time. He did not know where the conditions were in the marriage certificate.

Look, if I wanted to, I could get all my rights from you right now and you wouldn’t be able to deny it, but I don’t believe in coercion.

I want to love with love. Despite all your stupidities and mistakes, I love you. I am giving you the opportunity to accept this relationship.
I know we got married in a hurry, so it’s not easy to accept all that, so I’m giving you time. You have a month to think carefully.

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Start this relationship anew. Accept this relationship. do it.
Because I will not leave you at any cost. I am married to you. I will fulfill it. You don’t think rich people have any feelings. They just know how to break people’s hearts and play with their feelings. You try me.

If you miss my love somewhere, you can go
Love is a very beautiful relationship. After Namish and marriage, love happens. He was explaining it. Then he got up.

Your lawyer has wasted a lot of my time. I have to go to work. Take care of yourself. If you need anything, tell the maid. He smiled and patted her on the cheek.

So, sir, I want to test them by knocking them down, so I know such rich and bad boys very well. Asher Sahib, you will show your true colors in four days when I came to you and your love window. Will run away

B. Ready Mr. Asher Shah smiled as he thought of something
She could not give all her rights to Asher Shah so easily and even when he had deceitfully married her, without even stating the terms of the marriage, Namish made up his own mind to prove it wrong. Was

Bedtime Stories For Kids
Bedtime Stories For Kids

Bedtime Stories For Kids

Why do you send Farhat to him again and again? How many times has he already denied this relationship? He doesn’t like Farhat. Sofia Begum said to Zia.

I didn’t like you either but I have married you. What’s the matter with him? I just said that I will marry him happily. This is my last decision. Zia Sahib spoke very angrily.

He never liked Sofia Begum. At first, her name was associated with him as a child, and later after marriage, he became strangely angry with her.

He never made Sofia Begum feel love and affection. She has always been the cause of his hatred.
Because of his parents, he was forced to maintain a relationship with them, but he always kept telling them

That she will never be able to become their love. Their first and last love is only golden and will remain the same.

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Sofia never asked for love from him, she just kept quiet for the honor of her parents and then later for her children.

He had spent his whole life in front of Asher. and He had seen his father’s neglect since childhood. as He had never spoken softly to his mother in front of him. He was twelve years old when his father lived.

I was replaced by another woman and her mother, who was a little important, also disappeared.
Her father would leave his mother and go to his second wife. This man never realized what would happen to his mother. Seeing his husband with someone else.

But there was one thing that was important in the family. In this house, only the family woman was given importance and in the eyes of the husband there should be no wife’s time but the family only gave respect and desire to the family girl and Sofia fulfilled this importance. Zarrin was not important here

She ruled over her husband’s heart but the whole family looked at her like a khaki item but still, Zarrin had what Sofia could never get
Husband’s love

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After seven years of marriage, her husband came to the mansion with his second wife
And because of this, the two of them often quarreled, and Sofia cried all night.

After his father’s infidelity, Asher decided that he would marry a girl he loved and not crucify anyone in his name for the rest of his life.
His mother spent the rest of her life in agony. The pain she saw in her mother’s eyes didn’t want to be seen in anyone else’s eyes.

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That is why he himself had denied Farhat this relationship but maybe he still had some hope.
And Sofia wanted to put an end to this hope. She wanted to tell him that she was married, but at the moment Asher himself had forbidden her to tell him this to anyone. Sofia Begum knew that another storm was coming.

The bitterness of the father and son will be filled, but what could she do? She could never do anything for her own right.
Yes, but this time the question was about his son’s life

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