New Hot Stories Lost in Someone’s Love Episode 5

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Hot Stories Lost in someone’s love

Hot Stories Lost in someone’s love

That’s how he brought it home
The car stopped outside his house and dragged him straight into the house
And he brought her to his room and breathed his last
Do you think that if you bring me here from there by force, I will be helpless in front of you?
So not at all. I will sue you

You have taken advantage of her compulsion by tripping the girl
I will never let you succeed in your goal
No weak or oppressed girl will ever consider me dead
I know how to defend myself very well
By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive.
She was so angry that she had a good chance to get out

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It had been a few days since they had met and this man was telling the truth in this way
You have a misconception that you know how to defend yourself
If it came to defense, then when I was taking advantage of your compulsion, then you used your intellect. The way you are doing now, you are sensible.

You were tripping yourself with Mashallah. Where was the intellect? Why didn’t you use it? Of your intellect
And another thing I can do with you is whatever you want because all your rights are in my name. You have neither the right to stop me nor the courage to show a dambo if you want.
He put his hand on her waist and jerked her closer to him

And now that Bana had given her a chance to think and understand anything, she had taken her delicate lips within her reach. She, who was trying her best to show herself bravely, became silent at this bold style of Asher.

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As if the heart forgot to beat, the hands and feet were completely left together
Asher held her in his arms and let her breathe in his breath for a moment. More shame and uncertainty were on her heart and mind than shame. She had no such hope from him all of a sudden.
This was a trailer of your thoughts. If you don’t want me to show the whole movie, don’t step out of the house.

Because you have used your intellect a lot, finding yourself is not a very difficult task for Asher Shah
You have already proved your rationality by getting support for marriage. So instead of using your intellect further, do what a married girl does

As she rides her horse and finds excuses to make room in her husband’s heart, you will not have to work hard in this work because a house named after you has already been built in your heart by Asher Shah and now you will live in it

. Whether you like it or not, I will stay here
I am going to important work, if you want, wait for my return, otherwise, after eating, eating, and sleeping, his ruling style and this boldness disturbed Namish.
She wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible, but it wasn’t going to go away easily.

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How did you get married like this? Who is the girl from which family?
You know your father wants to marry you happily
That girl is here day and night in our house trying to adapt to your liking
And you, Mom, looked so upset

Amy, I never told Farhat that I would marry her
Instead, I always told her that she could never be my favorite. I never let her feelings get in the way.
And as far as the family and the girl are concerned, wherein our family is all these things seen in a marriage of choice?

I liked this girl, I wanted to marry her and I just came to the mansion to tell you. As soon as she came, she told me everything in her mother’s room. She didn’t think it necessary to tell anyone except her mother.

Look, son, don’t repeat your father’s words. If you like this girl, it is a different matter, but you know that our marriages take place in families. That is how you should not have taken action against your father.

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hot stories news in South Africa

Yes, you are right. In our family, there are marriages within the family and then this family wife is kept in your marriage like a useless showpiece and she has been tortured all her life in the name of another favorite wife.

But at least Amy can’t work
I will not ruin the life of any family girl in my name. I married the girl I liked and now it would be better if you all give up my desire to get married

He will have to endure a lot. How long will you bring Asher here? My mother asked him thinking something
Amy, how can I bring her here? Our family has just passed away. Her father has just died. At the moment, she can’t accept the relationship with me. At the moment, I can’t bring her to this tense environment.

Telling you about my wedding was the most important thing for me, that’s why I came here, otherwise, I can’t leave her alone for so many nights.

He got up from near them and said that he was definitely going back
It is a matter of some time ago when he said that I will give every happiness to the girl whom I will marry, not like Baba who got married one by the will of his parents and the other by his own will and then the whole life first. He harassed his wife by saying that we would divorce our family wives, whether he likes it or not.

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His mother knew from the first day of his father’s second marriage that he had married the girl of his choice.
But then the most important thing was that because of being a family.

Misha was raised with her father and her mother
Her stepmother was not as important as her mother in any major family or business venture.
And most importantly, he gave Mr. Shah a son while his second wife had no children

When he stepped into the house, the maid was probably waiting for him
Sir Madam has eaten and fallen asleep
Now I walk too. The maid came and told her that Asher was pleasantly surprised.
He liked it very much. When he came to his room, he was sleeping soundly on his bed as per the instructions of the maid. Asher teased him and went to change himself.

When he came back, he sat on the bed softly and lay down in a calm manner so that his sleep would not be disturbed at all.
She was fast asleep her calm was astonishing Asher
What’s going on in your mind girl you must be some kind of fool
She fell asleep after eating so easily.

Obviously, it was all very good, but Asher had no idea that what was going to happen next would not be good.
This girl was proving to be very straightforward for him, like Jalebi