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This Is the Most Beautiful Lush story series So Read To the End of All Episodes of Lush story Read online And don’t Miss Any Lush story Episodes. this is a great Lush story. you will like it very much and you will like it very much and this Lush story. So I Start a Love Story.  Carefully.

what to say when someone's brother dies
what to say when someone’s brother dies

She had a come to a meeting with him today. Shumaila thought it was pointless and pointless to come with her. They would be busy with their work.

What was she going to do here? She just came up to him in vain. So today I intended to spend some time with Asher

She was going to have lunch to take him with her and she was going to lie that today is her birthday so that Asher could not refuse and because of being a classmate he would definitely come with her but this girl Flattened the whole plane.

Leaving the office, she came with him and opened the front door, and sat down. Namish was electrocuted.

Why did she sit in the front seat with her husband? But he himself forbade Asher not to tell anyone in the office that she was his wife.

She wants to work in the office, not in her name, but in her own name, which is why Asher didn’t tell anyone about her marriage.

But there was nothing she could do, so she angrily sat in the back seat. It was a two-hour meeting. Shumaila asked her to sit outside.

While Asher had already gone inside, he was getting worse with anger. Why did she come with him? If she was sitting in the office and she was bored, then which Data anchor was breaking here. Everyone else ate and she stayed.

What To Get Someone Whose Mom Died

what to get someone whose mom died
what to get someone whose mom died

When she lost her life from the meeting, the long journey of her return began. Shumaila should have opened the front seat race, but before that, Namish showed her the back and got on the front seat herself.

“I’m not in the habit of sitting in the back seat,” she said. Shumaila stared at him, while Asher smiled and motioned for her to sit in the back.

Please, she is not in the habit of sitting on the seat. The lady is not feeling well. Like Madam, she owns millions of cars. She is sitting in the back seat muttering.
While Namish was sitting on the front seat with calm Asher

Shumaila was getting angry. At last, she missed the opportunity to sit with Asher. There was complete silence in Lar when suddenly Namish ordered me to eat ice cream.

Asher smiled and stopped the car in front of an ice cream parlor. Shumaila’s eyes were open. Asher asked for ice cream for her too. Namish didn’t like it.

Then he said in a benevolent manner, “Will you remember me? Eat ice cream from me.”
Not from you, not from Asher

But the order was mine. She looked back and spoke in a fighting mood like a child.
But even after all, he did not like it at all.

What To Get Someone When Their Mom Dies

what to get someone when their mom dies
what to get someone when their mom dies

You … He wanted to say something …
You don’t like me. I don’t like to say this to you. I’m your boss. Remember, his style was very restrained. Asher also found it very strange.

Whether he was inside the office or outside, Namish said with a frown
I am madam for you both inside and outside. I have nothing to do with you because of which you call me you. There is a difference between senior and boss. Remember this in the future.

Asher, I am right no. These workers of today have made every difference between themselves and others. Such people should keep reminding them of their times.

When he spoke in such a sharp tone, tears came to Namish’s eyes
You’re right, Shumaila, don’t call me by my name after today. We were friends in college, but not now.

I’m your kiss now, and it would be better if you called me Vinegar Karbala in the future.

She just stared at him

She was going to remind Namish of her times. Did she know that she would remind him of her times? She looked at him with a look whose face was spread to the point of innocence.

Such desires arose in Asher’s heart. If Namish had known, she would never have been able to look at him or fight with him
Yes, but on Shumaila’s insult, her face suddenly shone, the color had changed, Shumaila’s face had turned red, and not a word came out of her mouth out of shame.

When Namish … Her face had turned into a blooming rose. She was looking at him again and again and smiling.

She may not have been able to take revenge on him, but Asher had taken good revenge on her. \For the first time today, she liked Asher very much.
But she could not tell him what kind of mind this man had

They had just returned to the office. Shumaila had gone to her cabin without addressing them.

She followed him and drank a cup of coffee before he ordered it
Namish had his own way of saying think.

Ma’am, I don’t know. That girl lives in Asher Sar’s office. She’s a coffee maker. By the way, she sticks with them all the time and they also value her.

Ever since Shumaila came, she had been working in her office for two years. She had tried her best to attract Asher in every possible way, but she never came. In which she has succeeded in her endeavor.
Then one day he finds out about Farhat that Asher’s marriage is going to be with him and she is the niece of Asher’s stop help. Farhat’s relationship with him has been settled.

What To Get Someone When Their Dad Dies
what to get someone when their dad dies
what to get someone when their dad dies

And no matter what happened, they got married and then Farhat came to the office

Asher and Farhat had come. Everyone in the office knew her well.

Shumaila’s poison seemed even more bitter to her boss. Her heart wanted to kill Farhat.

How many times had she said in front of all of them that she had personal property?

So today, when Shumaila saw Asher giving more importance to Namish, she was the first to call him to burn his heart.

It was a different matter that as soon as Namish was given importance, his own heart burned.

She was Asher’s fiance and she was compelled to give him a lot of respect. Respecting her was an opportunity for all of them.

Shumaila wanted to break his pride by calling him
And hearing his words really made him very angry … But he spoke calmly.

Oh, come on, Shumaila, you called me on such a small matter, I don’t know what is the most important thing you want to do … Well, I don’t have time for this nonsense. She said that she had done it. Shumaila started getting angry.

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After Farhat Asher and Shumaila were in the same college university, now Shumaila was also working in Asher’s office. She dreamed of making a living but her luck never helped her.
And she didn’t succeed in the game she tried to play today.

Uncle, can I come in?
She was standing at the door asking for permission. Shah Sahib’s face lit up with happiness
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either

Uncle, I have a very important thing to say to you. Seeing him busy at work, he spoke in his own way. He put his laptop to one side with a smile. She has always been very dear to him.
One was the daughter of a very close friend

What To Say To Someone’s Family Who Died
what to say to someone's family who died
what to say to someone’s family who died

And the other was the niece of his favorite wife, and most importantly, Zarrin valued him very much.
And he was willing to do anything for his wife. It was at his wife’s request that he had a happy relationship with Asher.

At the moment Asher was not ready for this relationship but he knew that they would prepare him for this relationship. He was their son. How could he refuse them and now he has stepped into business.

He had quickly become a well-known business personality. It was not difficult for him to do all this. He just needed to take Farhat’s name with Asher to any party.

Asher had to give up all stubbornness and think only of his honor. He was sure that he would never let his father be disgraced at a big party.

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