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Asher had been bothering him a lot all-day
He was having a lot of fun himself. Namish’s face was turning red
But Asher did not come.

She had been harassing him since the first day of his marriage
Now Asher finally had a good chance to tease her, so how could he not let her go.
Asher had made enough for everyone who came to the office in the morning
Her hands were really tired from making coffee

But now he had to do what he had to do
She was regretting when she signed the papers, wondering if she had signed so happily.
Was she so foolish that she didn’t understand Asher’s trick?

May Allah make me dream all this and wake me up from sleep. He prayed from the heart but it was not a dream but a reality.

Girl, you can’t hear me. I’ve been calling you coffee for a long time
Asher said out loud because she was making cute fees in her own thoughts and Asher was shaking the heartbeat of the helpless.

What is this girl
My name is Namish
And it would be better for you to call me by my name or I will pick you up and throw you out of this office.

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She didn’t even understand what she was saying so angrily. She didn’t even know what she was saying angrily.

Dude, I’m fine, but how can you pick up my office and throw it out?
He began to ask in a serious manner while his condition was making him very happy.
Don’t talk nonsense to me. I came here just to make coffee. He reminded her about ninety times since morning.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me

Now Asher thought that now he would deal with her in this way. This girl is not easy to come by. That is why Asher adopted this style.

What was proving to be very useful for her would be in front of her all day so no one would be able to fool her. She was thankful to her uncle who had already called her yesterday and told her that Namish was looking for a job. Has been
And Asher said to them: Send him to his office, and he will take care of it, and he will take care of it.

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Listen, Namish, please stay here for a while, we will go together
He got up at six o’clock and spoke
Everyone was leaving, so why did she stay here?
I can’t go with you I can go

She flinched when Asher grabbed her hand
Dude, wait a minute, they’ll both go together
He was explaining it

He could not send her home alone in the dark of a cold evening because in those fifteen or sixteen days of marriage he knew very well how foolish he was and he could no longer allow her to do any kind of foolishness. ۔

See Mr. Boss you are my boss from 9 am to 6 pm What should I do after that you should have no problem

She had been angry with him since morning and now she was getting angry
You are right. I am your boss from 9 am to 6 pm. After that I am your husband and what do husbands do? A glimpse is formed. He puts his hand on his neck and the next moment he has closed his lips. Was

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It all happened so suddenly that Namish didn’t even get a chance to recover.
But she could not free him with her in such a way that in the manner in which her heart was beating badly, she started raining the fists of her delicate hand on his chest, but it was probably made of iron. Which had no effect.

When he freed her lips from his grasp after a few moments, Namish looked at the ground and could not help but look up in embarrassment. Her heart was pounding, but she had no intention of forgiving him. That’s why she spoke angrily

You are a very lonely and homeless man
After a few moments, she was able to speak, or the words came out of her mouth, and Asher laughed out loud.

What can I do, John? I see you. Anyway, it’s all a flame with my wife. He doesn’t smile and says he came close to her again.
If you disobeyed me and left the office before I finished, I will forget all my promises tonight. Was it a threat or something but Namish?

She got out of the car but was nowhere to be found. She waited for him to finish and Asher knew and nothing happened but this threat would surely show.

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Best Love Stories On Hotstar

Best Love Stories On Hotstar

It was eight o’clock when I finished work
Namish was very angry but as soon as Asher told him to walk, he followed him.
First of all, what he did in a closed room should not have started in front of everyone here
She said in her heart that even when she came from the office, she didn’t say anything. She smiled thinking of her fear.

“Let’s eat ice cream,” he said as he parked the car in front of an ice cream parlor
I didn’t have anything to eat. She went home and spoke angrily.

On the one hand, he had forced dinner in the office by threatening her, and now he had stopped the car while Namish was very sleepy at that time.

Dude, why are you so nervous? I won’t deduct the money from your salary. He said laughing. Namish looked at him very angrily.

Why are you doing all this with me?
I don’t want to have this forced relationship

Asher that time was difficult for me but I didn’t think you would blackmail me like that for that time.
There are not a few girls in this world who will follow you dying for your luxury and there is no lack of beauty in this world so why are you following me why are you taking advantage of my compulsion It’s bad. I got wet in his eyes against your will

She had been bothering Asher for the last 15-16 days and just one day she couldn’t stand Asher. She smiled helplessly.

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I know Namish, there are no fewer girls in this world who will come to me after my wealth and there is no shortage of beautiful girls in this world.

But you know that you are the only girl who made me think that the body has shaken the world of my heart. Seeing you cry, I decided that I will include you in my life. They say love at first sight. Nor did it happen to me

I know you will not believe all these things. You will consider me a bad person. If I wanted to, I could have taken advantage of your compulsion in another way. I offered you marriage which you like. You got married. I was full of support but could not accept this relationship. Well, I can understand that it was a difficult time.

At that time you were not in a condition to think and understand anything but now what do I mean by these fools of yours? What is wrong with me that you are not able to accept this relationship? I can give you all the happiness in the world. Can’t give me a chance

You are my wife I can do whatever I want whenever I want but still, I am giving you time for this relationship so that you can handle it and understand this relationship but you are not because of your stupidities and your thoughts Can’t accept the relationship or try to understand me.

I love you man why don’t you understand so much Hawab Asher was getting angry and she was scared of his anger

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Hot Love Stories Quote

Hot Love Stories Quote

I am not so beautiful, she looked down and agreed
I don’t want a beautiful girl Namish I want a girl who loves me. He was still thinking.
You will find any girl who loves you You are so rich You are so rich You spoke again
Luxury, fame, wealth, I will get a lot of girls, but a heart that loves will not be found anywhere other than you, as if he wanted to explain his point in any way today.

I don’t understand why he spoke after such a long time.
I am trying to understand my soul, I will understand something, I do not know, you do not love me, that is why you are doing all this, but you give me a chance, I just ask you a chance. You will love me yourself

Namish, don’t love me, just understand my love. I will not do anything strong with you and I will not force you. Give me some time. If I can’t take my place in your heart, it will be what you want
OK, but he will stick to his word. He interrupted him. Asher smiled sadly and nodded yes.

Still, instead of understanding her, she had taken it in her own way. She still had to leave Asher in her mind, but Asher was forced into love, so she hid. Maybe love is like that.

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