Love Stories Hot Summer Nights

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Love Stories Hot Summer Nights
Love Stories Hot Summer Nights

Love Stories Hot Summer Nights

From the day that Asher openly expressed his feelings to her, he also stopped harassing her.
She was not doing anything that would make Asher suspect that she had not yet been able to satisfy her heart in his case.

Asher had asked him for a month in which a week had passed
They would go to the office together in the morning and return together in the evening. She would stay in Asher’s office all day.

Her whole day would be very boring.
Because Asher was mostly busy in his meetings.

He spent most of his time alone in the office because Asher stayed out for meetings. Everything else was fine.

But she didn’t like Asher’s secretary Somiya in the office at all. She was a very modern, bold, and stylish girl.

But she noticed that she clung to Asher a little too much, moving back and forth all the time.
Sometimes she would come to the office for one job and sometimes for another, and the worst thing she could think of was ordering her to make coffee for herself.

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Even then, the two of them had gone out for a meeting together while she was getting bored sitting inside. Once she made coffee for herself and then started checking Asher’s entire office. She had memorized it verbally because that’s what she spent the whole day on

Asher used to make big claims of love in front of him but he didn’t care much about his loneliness.
I don’t know where he keeps hitting me all day, there is a chance that he will ask me once, how is my wife …!

She was terribly shocked
Then the next moment she got up and ran to the washroom. She had rinsed the washbasin three times and cursed herself.

There is a limit. Namish, have you had such a bad day that you will make this person feel like you? He spoke angrily.

Then he said to satisfy himself, then I can think about what happened, then I got married, it is legal.
And just by thinking, he will be my husband
I will agree, it will happen

He can never be anything to me because he is a rich man and a rich man can never belong to anyone. He swore to put his thoughts back on himself and stick to his thinking.

Because now Asher’s loving eyes, loving touch, and the expression of love that day forced him to think about it even though he didn’t want to.

Best Love Stories On Hotstar
Best Love Stories On Hotstar

Best Love Stories On Hotstar

This is where you are preparing to go in the morning
Today I thought we would have lunch together.

It was Sunday and I was planning to go out with Namish when she was getting ready to go to the neighborhood early in the morning.

You didn’t tell me before that there is Milad in the neighborhood and I will definitely go there
You should have told me earlier that I don’t plan before or my aunt refuses. Now I have to go. I promised them.

Namish was talking as if he would forcibly take her to lunch.
Well, you are going to the fair. This is a very good thing. Go and earn a reward. We can go out later. This is more important. Anyway, I was about to go out with my friend. You go comfortably. Panicked, Asher asked him to relax.

Yes, that’s what I’m saying. We can have lunch anytime, but it’s a rewarding job. I have to go out to attend Milad so that Milad doesn’t start there. Namish wanted to get out of his sight quickly.

And no matter what, she started using the clothes she had brought. She was wearing a white frock and a white dupatta in the form of a hijab. She looked like a maiden coming down from the sky. Was applying

May you pray for me in Milad and may something be better for me.
Yes, why not? I will pray that Allah will fulfill your every wish. She hurried out saying Asher heard his prayer and smiled.

Now my intention has been fulfilled only after finding you. Namish Asher Shah. He came upstairs to the room muttering under his breath. After all, what was the point of not letting him trust Asher? What was lacking was that Namish was ignoring him like this.

This trembling was not hidden from Asher’s eyes
He had just washed and freshened up when his servant outside told him that a girl had come to see him.

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He was upset to know that a girl was not happy. He came down thinking that there was an unknown girl standing in front of him who was smiling. She was very beautiful to look at but who was this face that was completely unknown to Asher.

Hello, my name is Farah. I am Namish’s friend. I don’t know you, but you introduce yourself while sitting. Of course, you will not feel bad about my arrival. She said with a smile. He smiled happily and responded to her greetings with a smile

He sat down in front of her and motioned for her to sit down. She smiled and sat down.
Namish has gone to the neighborhood. Maybe you don’t know that there is a Milad there. He said, then Farah smiled

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either.
What do you mean, I do not understand.
I’ve come to tell you a few things about Namish that you might like to know you may not like.

There are some things you need to know. Farah’s style made him curious. He wanted to know everything about his wife.

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You may be thinking that Namish is a very ungrateful girl. She got married to such a rich man. You meet her by chance. It is difficult to marry her. But in spite of all this, Performing is not valuing you. You have so much wealth and fame but still, you are not able to make your place in his heart.

You must think she is a stupid, ungrateful girl, but she is not like that. Would you like to know why she can’t trust you? Farah asked her and she immediately shook her head.

I wanted to know everything about her. Why can’t I believe her in spite of all that has happened? Why can’t I try to understand? I know she knows I don’t love her. But still. Also because she ignores my love, why she can’t accept me as a sign of destiny.

I have found out everything about her past life. I was afraid that she might like someone else but there is no such thing. There was no other person in her life before me. Then why is she ignoring my desire?

Today, for the first time, Asher mentioned Namish in front of someone like this.
Because she doesn’t trust anyone, especially not a rich person at all. Farah started talking and he fell silent.

It’s been three years since we started going to a new college. A boy was studying in our college. We knew our friend Sadia liked him.

Being rich, Sadia lived in her own time. It was one thing to like Basel, but it was just a dream to dream of a life with her. Sadia knew very well that she would often express her love to Namish. ۔

Aaron Hotchner Love Stories
Aaron Hotchner Love Stories

Aaron Hotchner Love Stories

Namish asked her many times to mention her love for Basil but Saadia remained silent. One day it happened that Basil himself came in front of her and started proposing to her in front of the whole college. Not only that, we all loved it

His love story was talked about all over the college. Namish was also very happy for his best friend but one day when Saadia mentioned marriage, she was buried alive like Saadia after hearing his words.

He said that he was only dating Saadia as a condition. He had made a bet with his friend that he would date Saadia for one month and now his condition has been fulfilled. She could hardly believe anyone

Despite his best efforts, he could not fulfill his condition. He created a love for himself in his heart but could not play with his honor. On that day, in the heart of Namish, along with Basel, hatred of rich people was also created. Began to happen

She often says that rich people only ruin the lives of poor girls. Now believing in an immortal person was out of the question.

Sadia was completely silent. One day her relationship with a very rich family came to her house. Her parents married her without her consent. For almost six months of the marriage, everything went well.

She had accepted the relationship and moved on with her life, but Basel’s shadow had not yet disappeared from her life. One day, Basil accidentally went to Saadia’s house because he was her husband’s friend. Told everything

Her shopkeeper not only divorced Sadia but also beat her so badly that her unborn child died before she was born and seventeen days later Sadia died from the same infection.
You may be thinking that Sadia was punished for her sin. She made the mistake of loving a non-mahram.

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But this innocent man even loved his mahram and his mahram also disgraced him. I know that you are thinking that you are not such a person. You have sincerely held his hand. But she is innocent and does not know all these things. For her, every rich person is a vagabond like Basil and every husband is as humiliated as Sadia’s husband.

I haven’t been here for a few days when found out about Uncle’s death. that was very sad but also found out that a good man had taken Namish’s hand but yesterday I had to go to my uncle’s house and he told me Are too bad

didn’t want you to have any suspicion in your heart for Namish so I came here to tell you all this. Please don’t be suspicious of Namish. It is very difficult to trust someone like that but I believe. Yes, you will definitely play with him. Farah got up saying, so he also got up with her

I will never forget your kindness in Farah. You did a great job by telling me everything about Namish.
If you leave Namish, no, he is not very good. He is just a little stupid. Farah had a love for her friend in her tone.

Now I will celebrate it with more intensity than before. He will have to love me. He smiled and said, “So Farah smiled and prayed for the good fortune of her friend.”

When Namish came home in the evening, a great dinner was ready for him
Asher called her and she looked at him questioningly
We thought we could have dinner without lunch. He smiled

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When I spoke, Namish got up quietly and came out.
The dinner was pleasant, and Asher began to tell her about tomorrow’s meeting.
I mean tomorrow you will go to the meeting with Shumaila this morning and I am bored all day and why is this witch sticking so much with you? I feel poisoned. Given

Dude, she’s my secretary. She works with me, so she’s with me. That’s why she has to go with me. But if you’re getting bored, you can come with me.
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me,

Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me.
This means that the next journey was no longer difficult.


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