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lush cosmetics stories

Lush Cosmetics Story

“Stop it and let me go,” she said, looking angrily at the maid
M Sorry, you can’t go like that. The maid was trying to explain it.
I also saw who was stopping me, saying angrily while the maid was still coming out with him to stop him.

Look, you go and do your work, and the one who came after me stared at her.
Well, I will not stop you, ma’am. Please tell me where you are going before you leave. If Asher asks, I can tell him something. Ma’am, it is a question of my job.

Namish felt sorry for her. She was doing her job. What do these rich people know? What are the compulsions of the poor people who come to work in their homes? They just fired them for their little mistake. Ready to pull out every moment.

Don’t worry, I am going to your house. I have to take some of my belongings. They see it. I spoke satisfactorily and the maid became silent.
But ma’am what is missing in this mansion you are going to bring your luggage from there the maid asked

Perfume Lush Story

Oyster, you will not understand. All these things have been brought by this person, but the things that my father used to bring for me with his hard work, I can’t throw them away. I have to go and get all those things, he said in an explanatory manner.

All right, ma’am, leave. I’ll tell the driver. The gentleman spoke happily in her gentle manner and left without giving him a chance to say anything.
Soon the driver was standing at the door ready to pick him up.

Now he had no choice but to come and sit in the car and tell her to go to her neighborhood
And now that the car was parked on the road to his neighborhood, Namish never thought of traveling in such a big car, but he never thought how much he would marry the richest man like Asher.

There was a movie, his life shook his head while thinking, and he looked at the moving road that was leading to his neighborhood.

As soon as he left, the maid called Asher and told him that she was on her way to her neighborhood. Asher didn’t give any special reaction, so the maid calmed down and started doing her job.

lush employee horror stories

Lush Employee Horror Stories

Why do you need a job without a son? You are the wife of such a rich man. Why did you start working?

Uncle had always known about his mental breakdown
They knew in that look that he had come up with something out of the ordinary to convince them.
But still, he had to ask her what superstitions were going on in her mind
This girl never understood him straight away.

Right now when everything was fine, she had strong support, she was bent on ruining her house with her stupidity.
Asher Sahib has told me that if I want freedom from them, then they should return the money that I took from them, meaning to fulfill the condition of marriage.
Because I have no right to divorce on the marriage certificate.

Lush Buying Stories

They have given me a month to accept this relationship but I want to get a good job.
I will pay the rest of the loan, etc., and later I will pay off the loan by getting a job. He put his point of view in front of them, so they were left with their heads bowed.

He never said anything to her because he knew she didn’t understand anything, but Auntie understood his duty and told him as usual.
Yes, Bibi, your father has left his job.

Who will give a job to you with an FA pass and he has also done FA with such bad marks that you have not hired anyone even after death and now Bibi Listen to Hiyalat, she will get a job, take a loan, pay her husband’s money and then she will get a job and pay off the debt.

People are sitting on the road or they are dying to give him a job. She was saying this in a very angry voice.
Uncle, don’t pay attention to what they have to say. Just arrange a good job for me. I’ll take care of the rest myself.

lush product stories

Lush Product Stories

She just had to get rid of Asher somehow, so she ignored her aunt’s words and said to her uncle.
Uncle nodded thinking yes because he knew she was not going to give up so easily.
Auntie was still not silent, she had been telling him ever since as if she didn’t know anything, it was impossible for such a girl to get a job.

But she was ready to do any job, even to ask for a broom. She was just ready to convince Asher that she would give him her money. Just leave
Otherwise, the man was ready to put it in his words, but there was only one chicken leg that such a rich man can not be so good at.

I don’t know what he meant by that. It was so sweet, but Namish was a bit of a fool.

My son, your job has been arranged. As soon as he came into the room, he told her the good news, and she jumped for joy.

Lush Cosmetics Stories

So soon Uncle was spinning a magic wand. She stood in front of him and asked excitedly.
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me.
Whom he

That was the only way to get rid of it.

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Just to get this job tomorrow morning, he read the name Shah Industries written on the card. A name came to his mind.

But then, knowing her opinion, she began to prepare to return to the mansion, because whatever it was, her strong support was now Asher and her home where she was to live. Until she gets rid of it