Interesting Real-life Stories

There We Start The interesting real-life stories Series. So I hope You Like Real-life Stories. So Read Carefully And Watch To End Real-life Stories.

Interesting Real-Life Stories
Interesting Real-Life Stories

Interesting Real-Life Stories

She woke up early in the morning and was preparing to go to the office when she was about to leave.
Asher was watching her every move very carefully. What is she doing? Asher Baghor reviewed it.
She, who was sometimes turning right and sometimes left, could guess that she was waiting for him to leave

Look, girl, sit back and have breakfast. I won’t leave until you have a hearty breakfast in front of me.
He looked at her and said Namish immediately understood that he was not having breakfast because he would not go out to the office without paying her for breakfast.
For a moment, Namish’s heart was touched by her caring in this way, but more Deras did not allow this feeling to overwhelm her.

She immediately sat down in front of him to have breakfast and he kept looking at her.
How was your day yesterday? I went to the neighborhood. When I came back, you were asleep, so I didn’t wake you up.

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Well, why are you asking? He realized something was wrong. He waited unconsciously for a long time that night, but when he did not come, he fell asleep on his own.
Be my wife, it’s my duty to take care of you, that’s why I asked you if you want to come and go anywhere, go with the driver. He was openly offering it.

Namish just nodded. At that time she didn’t want to have any quarrel or argument with him. Anyway, she was going to get a job from now on.
She will get rid of it soon. And then it would all be over. She didn’t want to tell Asher anything until she got a job.

Listen, girl, tell me one thing. You have not given me a single proof of your wisdom since this morning. What are you going to do? You were not patient with Asher, at last, so he himself asked her.
What’s the matter with you? If I’m normal, let me be normal. They lie behind me in vain. When he spoke to me, Asher smiled and stood up.

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Okay Baba Suri I am going to the office to take care of myself He gently kisses her on the forehead He spoke with love Namish held his breath for a moment when he came so close to her Gone
He was a strange man. His closeness even for a moment made Namish’s hair stand on end.

There is a lot of cruel handsomeness. She smiled and remembered his face but still cursed at his words and got up and started getting ready.

When she got ready and came down, some people in the neighborhood were waiting for her.
Hello uncle, how are you? She looked at the shopkeeper of the neighborhood and spoke anxiously.
Hi, son, I’m fine. Tell me how you are

Son, I have come here for very important work. You know that in a short time my daughter is getting married. Your father had borrowed fifty thousand rupees from me. And he has been borrowing from all of them from the shop.

Real-Life Stories Magazine
Real-Life Stories Magazine

Real-Life Stories Magazine

But before he returned, he passed away. That is why he has come to you now. Son, if there is no compulsion, you will never come here.

Uncle Afzal folded his hands and said that Namahsh was upset
Don’t worry, uncle, I will arrange the money from somewhere and give it to you. Just give me a month’s respite. Don’t worry, you’ll get all your money. I just need a little time and she seemed very upset.

Son, your husband is such a rich man. Tell him to give us money. Uncle offered a solution.
Uncle, I will give you the money. Don’t worry and she didn’t know that she doesn’t consider him her husband, so how could she take money from him and give it to him but she had to lend and she knew that uncle They have come here under duress, otherwise they never reach out to him.

It was a big company. At first, he was afraid to step into it. He must have been called here for a broom. He thought.

Because of the state-of-the-art computer system, the tallest building, and the most expensive furniture, he remembered his times in an instant.

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He did not understand where to go when a man came to him. and was looking at him. looked at him and asked. He immediately nodded.

Wasiq Sahib is waiting for you in this room. He pointed to an office and said yes. She nodded and left.
When I knocked on the door and entered, there was a handsome young man in a three-piece suit sitting on the chair in front of me. He looked very handsome but who didn’t remember him?

Let’s go I mean Miss Namish Sharif, he stopped saying something, then she immediately nodded and sat on the chair in front of him.

Sir, I need this job very much but I know my education is not so high. I will do whatever job I will be given. She put her documents in front of him and said yes. He nodded.

Gee gee I know but you don’t have to worry or panic just tell me you know how to make coffee he smiled looking at it then Namish nodded yes now it’s such a difficult task was not.

Great, your job is done, grab this paper and sign it. He put a file in front of him and said, then Namish looked at him in amazement, how the job was done so quickly.

Our boss Shah Sahib has one of his weaknesses, he has a strong demand for coffee after every hour and that is all you have to do.

Real-Life Stories Meaning
Real-Life Stories Meaning

Real-Life Stories Meaning

Make a cup of coffee for them and put it on their table.
Your personal seat is also in his office. You will get Rs. 50,000 a month. If you think it is appropriate, sign it. He was telling him the whole thing when the next moment he picked up the pin and signed the paper. 50 thousand a month, that’s all the coffee maker needs.

She happily signed the papers and handed them over again.
By the way, after signing these papers, you cannot leave this job. According to this deal, now you have to work in the same office for six months and according to our deal, your job is just to make coffee.
You go to work today. Rehman, take her to the head’s office. She smiled and said, so she got up immediately and followed him.

She used to come to make coffee, she would learn to make it good, she was going to the office, she was thinking, Peon left her at the office door and returned when she had entered through the door.

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In addition to the boss in the office, there were two people sitting in the front chairs. She left them and turned to him who was doing what he could in the drawer of the table.

He glanced in front of her and then his hands and feet remained motionless from which she was sitting in front of him.

Asher glanced at him and then at the people sitting in front of him
The coffee machine is on this side. He looked at Namish in front of him and then said that it means he was familiar before his arrival here. It means that he has been trapped. Was
But seeing him standing in front of him in the same way, he looked at him and then spoke in a very rude manner

Maybe you haven’t heard. Namishji, the coffee machine is on this side. I mean, it was clear. Do what you came here for.
Namish sighed angrily and went out. Now he remembered the servant who was with him as a witness on the day of the marriage.

What happened miss names why are you so angry he was standing in front of her smiling and asking
You knew all this and you are the one who was in the hospital that day at the time of the marriage
Wow you recognize me but I’m not wrong I did what your husband told me

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Ok tell me I’m going back she was very angry she was about to leave when was said
You can’t go like this. and You have signed the contract paper. can’t leave the job for six months. If you leave this job, you will have to pay Rs. 500,000 to our company immediately and if you don’t, So you could be in jail.

He was understanding or threatening her. She didn’t understand
You guys will send me to jail. He stared at me and said yes. Wasiq nodded yes
My boss is waiting for you inside and your coffee is not so difficult to make if you don’t want to go to jail and celery is also very good. Have you ever heard that the coffee maker is getting Rs. 50,000? One month

Just use common sense and give the boss enough. Goodbye. He scared her and went back to his cabin when she was really scared. Anyway, what was the use of Asher for her casting him out of jail? Saves

She went in without knocking on the door, and maybe that’s what made Asher so angry. Miss Namish, you don’t know how to sniff before you come into someone’s room. Nowhere in his style did he look like he was joking, meaning he was insulting her so much, but at that time he was more afraid of going to jail.

She went out and knocked on the door. At the sound of Asher’s voice, she came back to the office and started making coffee without addressing anyone.
Asher was enjoying seeing his angry face.

Real-Life stories For Students
Real-Life stories For Students

Real-Life stories For Students

After a while, they got up and went out
Namish was given a tail chair in Asher’s office. He had already told him this.
You did not treat me well by deceiving me. As soon as they left, she spoke angrily
And you, who had started looking for jobs without telling your husband, looked at him and said, “She was embarrassed for a moment.”

But then he thought that he had to get rid of it, then how embarrassed he raised his head and spoke
So will I be sitting on your support all my life, if not today, then tomorrow I will have to work
You are my wife I’m with you all my life you don’t need these jobs he was thinking

Don’t talk nonsense to me. I’m only here to make coffee. When he realized this, he spoke angrily because his heart was still saying this.
His manner was such that Asher doubted whether he was the boss or the girl sitting in front of him.

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