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love storieslush
love stories lush

He took her in his arms and led her to the bedroom. Namish gently placed her head on his chest and covered her face.

Asher laid her on the bed and glanced at her beautiful face. She turned away in embarrassment. Asher smiled at her and closed the door and walked toward her.
Namish noticed his every move with a beating heart

At last, this man succeeded in becoming the master of the world of his heart. Asher approached him and turned his face towards him. He looked down and came very close to him without any resistance.

Asher kissed each of her facial expressions with devotion and wrapped her in her arms as she rolled into his arms.

Today they both found their destination. Today was truly a new beginning in their lives in which they were stepping together.

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Sofia Begum got upset when Asher did not pick up the phone even after calling many times
He did not understand why Asher was not picking up the phone. He would leave his work and call him as soon as he saw his home phone number.

What was the reason that he was ignoring his phone? Dar had never lived

Farhat, my dear, don’t worry, Asher has denied you, but he will not be able to deny me. Tomorrow is his birthday, and tomorrow evening, wherever he may be, he will return home, and I will announce this in front of everyone at tomorrow’s party.

You will be Asher Shah’s future wife and my future daughter-in-law, Sahib had assured him

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milf stories lush

But Uncle Asher … she began to ask questions with tears in her eyes
He is my son Farhat and he will do what I say to him. He will never turn you down. You will be my daughter-in-law.

This is my promise. He will never be able to deny you in the midst of the whole party. He will put his father’s honor at stake

When Shah Sahib said with certainty, Farhat got up and came to his chest
While Sofia Begum stopped at a short distance and was listening to them
Yesterday it was a big test for his son.

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Tomorrow he had to choose between his father and his wife. Shah Sahib did not even know that Ash’ar has come a long way in his life.
Sofia Begum kept trying to call Asher all night but he did not answer

He couldn’t sleep for a moment all night. After receiving her, his love did not diminish, but today he was feeling his love for this girl.
Today this girl seemed closer to him than her vein, she was always important to him but today she felt herself.

He was looking at her. Her beautiful face was making Asher feel helpless. Feeling the warmth of someone’s eyes on her face, Namish opened his eyes and found himself looking at her. It was the hardest part

While looking at himself like this was confusing Namish and Asher were enjoying his condition, at last, he was frightened by his gaze and he thought it better to get up but Asher did not let that happen.

Fresh and go to the office was your important meeting, today she didn’t know what important meeting she was trying to make him realize, while today Asher didn’t have any important meeting and he didn’t even remember that he ever gave Namish his important There was no reminder of the meeting.

I have no compulsion to leave my lovely wife alone on my birthday and my wife has a duty to make her husband’s birthday special like a good wife all day long. He took her in his arms and leaned on her face

Asher: “Is it really your birthday today?” She asked uncertainly as her siege tightened.
Yes, madam, today is your husband’s birthday by chance and you should treat him like a good wife, he said, leaning on his lips.

Lush Love Stories

lush love stories
lush love stories

Why didn’t you tell me that today is your birthday? I would bring you a present. She put her hand on her lips and said angrily.
No one can give me such a beautiful gift as you gave me last night. He smiled and removed his hand from his lips and kissed her lips.

I Love You Namish Thank You So Much For Accept My Love For Coming Into My Life He was touching her face with his lips and saying love while Namish felt these beautiful moments melting in his arms Was doing

When he came out, he saw his phone lying on the table outside. He had left his phone on the side to have a good time with Namish.

He didn’t want anyone to disturb him. Now looking at the phone, he saw so many calls from home and got a little upset. Then he thought maybe they were calling to talk about his birthday.
Because he also knew that a big party would have been organized in his house today.

At first, the call kept coming from the landline and later her mother kept trying to call her again and again from her personal phone. Seeing the love and concern of her mother, she smiled and called her but what she said next was She was really upset

But if not today, then tomorrow it was bound to happen. He was always ready for all of them. Telling his mother not to worry, he hung up the phone and went to the room.

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lush cd stories
lush cd stories

He asked Namish to come and get ready
“Are we going somewhere?” Namish asked

Yes, Nami, darling, you are going to your father-in-law today. He smiled. His forehead was very confusing. But he did not want to give any kind of compliment before taking him there.

That you don’t have to worry or everything will be fine there or they will love you
Or how they will treat you.

All he said was that I am with you and will always be, and that was enough for Namish

The party was at its peak. It was the biggest party in the city. the Big businessmen to famous artists were also present here.

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our Sofia was meeting the guests standing beside Begum Shah Sahib while Zarin was blushing with joy at a short distance.

Today even after so many years, she could not take her place in the eyes of all for which She was married to Shah Sahib.

She got wealth. the got property. She had become the owner of her own will.

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He had gotten all the happiness of his life but the happiness he could not get was his place instead of Sofia a Begum.

She used to call Sofia Begum an ignorant woman and never misses an opportunity to humiliate her and Sofia Begum would stand by Shah Sahib in such gatherings without saying anything and settle all accounts.

How many times did Zarin ask Shah Sahib to give him the importance that Sofia Begum gets in front of everyone in the gathering?

Shah Sahib had tried one and a half times for her happiness. But the truth did not change.

The people of the world did not accept a secretary as Shah Sahib’s wife. Her family members addressed her with very bad words. ۔

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true lush stories

Shah Sahib’s father threatened to evict him from the property, so Shah Sahib left Zarin’s hand for a while, but then suddenly it was discovered that he had married Zarin.

For how many years of his marriage did Shah Sahib keep a secret from the world that he had secretly married his secretary?

And when this came to light, Asher was not a small child. He hid his anonymous marriage for ten years.

But for Shah Sahib’s father, it was no less a shock that his daughter-in-law, Sofia Begum, married him. She always knew that Shah Sahib never recognized her as his wife.

The importance of Sofia Begum in his eyes was just that she is the choice of her parents but Shah Sahib never liked the choice of his parents. Let it be

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And his favorite wife, Zarin, never became the choice of his parents, and what his family did not accept, what would the family or society accept? In their eyes, Zarin was a greedy and wicked woman who not only trapped the boss but also showed the heart of a gentlewoman like Sofia Begum by marrying her. love is great.

Even today, Caesarean, who wanted to get this position, lost only to an ignorant Guwar woman.

Asher, this is a very bad party. I have never been to a party like this. I am very afraid. She was not taking the name of getting out of the car. ۔

Darling, you are walking inside. Let me carry you in my arms. Anyway, I must do something special to take you in.

After all, you have come for the first time today. Your father-in-law smiled and said mischievously. Staring, he stepped out of the car.

And this time Asher, without hearing a word from Namish, took his hand and stepped inside.
An employee saw Asher coming in and immediately informed Shah Sahib and Shah Sahib according to his plan attracted all the people holding Mike in his hand.

Ladies and Gentlemen, do you all know that this party was given today to celebrate my son’s birthday, but there is another very special purpose about which I would like to make an announcement today?

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Today I have made a very important chapter of Asher’s life. Shah Sahib saw Asher smiling and moving towards him, he spread his arm and gestured for him to come to him.

While the girl in the red saree standing next to him had completely ignored

But everyone at the party was looking at this beautiful girl in a red saree. Farhat’s eyes started burning with irritation while Zareen was very upset when she saw this girl.
Asher climbed onto the stage and took the mic in his hand.
I’m sorry but I want to give this important news to everyone.

As you all know, on my birthday, Dad keeps blowing up. Sometimes it’s a pleasure to have a business deal with a new company, sometimes it’s a pleasure to hire a new brand. But what I’m going to explode today is Probably worse than all the previous blasts.

Yes, of course. Today I am going to tell you all about my marriage. The open smile on Asher’s face was now bothering Shah Sahib. And the real shock came to him when he saw the girl in a red saree standing in front of him. He pointed to her and called her to him.

Namish was confused. She was listening to all this. She could not understand a word. What was happening to her when she felt a kind salute on her shoulder.

Standing right next to her, she was smiling and telling him to go to Usher

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