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Namish smiled and stopped at his side. All the anchors and reporters were busy pointing at him and asking him questions.

Farhat and Zareen had left the party angrily. Shah Sahib had seen Zareen leaving the party very carefully but he was compelled that he could not go in front of everyone like this.

Asher would hold Namish’s hand and answer all their questions. Now he had drawn them towards Namish. Holding Namish’s hand in front of everyone, he cut the cake.

While she was very happy with a smile on his face, he wants her and loves her immensely, but he would never have thought that such proof of his love would make her proud in front of the whole world.

Where Asher was living in his smile, he was also very worried about the time to come because he knew what storm was coming here after the end of this game.

Asher, this is our room. He brought her to his bedroom. Namish looked at the whole room and asked her. Asher nodded yes.

My dear, rest here for a while until I see off all the guests, and then we will see this room and this whole house together. He smiled and kissed her on the cheek, on which Namish was embarrassed. Leaving that embarrassment, he came out of the room.

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Outside on the lawn, Baba made a noise exactly as he thought, and all his arrows were aimed at his mother.

This is the effect of your training is useless and because of you today my son has picked up a useless one.

If it was up to us, I would have stopped going to the media, but this boy has made this girl an advertisement and made her stand in front of the whole world.

Open your ears and listen to me, I will never consider a girl of two pennies as the daughter-in-law of my house. Becoming my daughter-in-law in this house will bring only and only happiness that I have promised.

Therefore, it will be better. That you should get all these fasts out of your son’s mind too. He was angrily telling Sofia Begum to be very slow.

Do what you have to do with me. Baba Mama has nothing to do with this matter.

He could not bear it for long so he came in front of him and said
Come on, sir, you also got a chance. Where did you get this dirt from your wife? Divorce this girl in our house right now.

Get her out of here.

How did you even think that you would bring someone and we would make her the daughter-in-law of our house and who did you ask to introduce her as your wife in a crowded party? Baba’s bus was not running that Slap your only son in the face

If I did not ask permission from anyone for marriage then why do you have this misconception Baba that I will need your permission to introduce it in front of everyone Namish is my wife and I asked Allah and His Messenger The present observer knows that he has married her.

The question of the second and the third does not arise and he will not talk about divorce in the future. I have made her my wife and now she will be my wife till she dies.

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He was also their son so maybe he was talking to them in their own language. The normal thing was beyond Shah Sahib’s comprehension anyway.

It means you will rebel in front of your parents for an ordinary girl. You will talk to your parents in this tone for a girl.

If that’s the case, listen, Asher, now you have to pick this girl or one of us. This girl is very important, not for you, so tell me, do you want this girl or your parents, she stared at him angrily and said from the stairs.

Descending Namish was also shocked to hear his words.

Asher glanced at Namish and then slowly walked over to him
If this is what you want to hear, listen, Shah Sahib, I can leave you, but not Namish, Asher said in a strong tone.

You are talking about leaving your parents for this girl. Shah Sahib was shocked
Parents are not the only father.

I believe my mother is with me in every decision. She said with certainty. Then Shah Sahib took one look at Sofia Begum who looked as if he had talked about all this a long time ago. Know from

I already knew that this is all your waiver.

He addressed Mrs. Shah and said, then he started answering Asher again. Lee had to defeat him.

While his words forced Sofia Begum to put her hand on her heart, how easily this man had made her two pennies in front of her son.

What did he not do to support this man? This was the reward given by Shah Sahib for his loyalty for so many years.

I will not let my mother stay here anymore. That’s enough. Dad, you can never understand the feelings of this woman.

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the can never understand her sacrifices. You can’t reward her loyalty.

They are not capable of that. The style of Asher had also provoked a great deal of anger which he did not shy away from expressing today.

I am not worthy of your mother. the am the owner of Shah Industries. I am a successful business tycoon. What is your mother? Now she came to the competition.

My mother could be the most successful businesswoman today, Baba, but for you, for your home, for your old parents, and for your children, today my mother is just Mrs. Shah and nothing more.
But you will not understand all these things

You can never understand my mother.

Oh, why would you leave? We have been leaving you. This palace of yours, this servant, this party, this party, this prosperity, I am leaving here with my mother.
Because my mother had a misconception that you need her, but today this misunderstanding will go away.

Let’s go, mother, no one needs you here in this house except your son, he said holding Sofia’s hand.

It seemed that he had been telling them to leave here for so many years but she was sitting on a pillar of hope that if not today then Shah Sahib would return tomorrow.

But perhaps now there was no way for them to return. He looked at his old mother-in-law and both of them were shaking their heads and telling him to get out of the torment.

Three days later, they too were about to leave for Umrah and still regret the moment when they ignored their son’s stubbornness and added Sofia to their lives, but Sofia Begum never And their son wanted to save them from this torment today, so they were with him.

He glanced at his father and then walked away holding his mother and Namish’s hand.

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Shah Sahib, why are you worried? You will not get this luxury for two days, then it will come back on its own. You are raising your BP in vain. She came near him holding the plow of golden saree.

No, Zarrin is worried. He will never come back like this. Baba Jan has given all the property to Asher instead of me. Now I have nothing but my house.

Well, I don’t even care about that. Everything belongs to him. It should have been named after him, if not today, then tomorrow

But I am worried about this. I don’t know which girl he picked up and brought home. I don’t know who is the one with whom the marriage has been performed.

Such girls are very fast. While Asher was the owner of all the properties of Zarrin’s house on his head.

Shah Sahib was not the owner of even two pennies in this business and on what hope was she becoming with him for so many years?

After knowing the truth, she did not have two words to give her courage. She got up in anger and left, while Shah Sahib still could not believe that she had left him in Sofia.

What do you mean your aunt …! I mean you don’t have anything on this property. You were just saying that it’s too late for everything to be named after you.

Farhat looking at her red face said that was the style. It felt less sympathetic and more humorous

No, it’s all mine. I’ve worked so hard for so many years. I won’t let this girl take over. I’ll find a solution soon.

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Shah Sahib can’t disappoint me like this, he will give me something on the property.

Otherwise, for the sake of this property, where there is so much patience, I will remove only the heir of this property, Asher, from the path.

They showed their most dangerous intentions to him, so Farhat became upset.

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Poopo, what are you saying? I mean you want to kill Asher.

Farhat was shocked.
I will be happy to do whatever I have to do for this property and if you support me, you will also benefit a lot.

I’m sorry aunty but I am going to America from tomorrow morning flight I had no interest in asher before she was just for her property I was walking back and forth in front of her well asher no one else but your I’m not with you in these dangerous intentions. I’m sorry.

She picked up her bag and went out with a clear answer.

It doesn’t matter when this property is in my name, then you will start licking your soles again. My gold started muttering and setting your plan.

Mama, please stop crying. What will happen if you cry like this?
But Sofia Begum was not taking the name of stopping her tears

. She had come with her today to enhance her son’s dignity, but it was not easy for her to leave her home.
No, Asher, you won’t understand. A woman’s real home is her husband’s house, which I have left. She started trying to explain it.

But it was never your house. Mama, it was Aunt Zarrin’s house and it is still hers today. And what good is a husband like that no matter if you have it or not? He once stopped you.

Didn’t try, just announced my decision and if I let you stay there after their decision, it would be an insult to my honor.

For so many years they have never valued you 28 years they have not considered you as their wife but you do not shy away from performing your duties now it is their turn if they do not care if you are or not You shouldn’t mind either, he said wiping away their tears.

No, I can’t turn away from relationships like this in Asher. This relationship has been broken by my parents. They gave it to me in their marriage.

I can’t leave this marriage like this. This is my relationship of 28 years.

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lush lesbian stories

They should also realize that Mama, this was not only the 28 years of your life but also theirs. For the last 28 years, they have tormented you every single moment, but you have endured, but how long has Mama done everything? There is an extreme, there is a limit.

Now the limit has been reached. Baba can never change and I cannot see my mother living in pain with such a person.

Bring water for Namish Jawamama. He finished and said to Namish who was ignorant even though he was a part of all this. He ran to fetch water at Asher’s request.

Asher fed him a little food and then after giving him the medicine he stayed in his room till he fell asleep so that he would not get tense thinking about all this.

But he thought he would not let his mother go again, not until he gave her the respect that Zarrin Begum had.