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Where are my clothes …!
Even the shoes are not polished. Where did I die? All of them were angry. Shah Sahib was very angry with the servants.

Sofia Begum Sahiba does all these things. She never let us do your work. the has taken responsibility for all your work herself. She told the servant in a frightened manner.

So what do I pay you guys? I haven’t done a single job. Go and get me breakfast. They angrily sat down near the table, dragging a chair while the servants looked at each other’s faces

Sir, Sofia Begum makes her own food with her own hands. You don’t like the food of the servants, that’s why Sofia Begum does all your work with her own hands, so how can we do it for you … The servant wanted to say something but before that Shah Sahib cut him off

Stop your nonsense if she does everything. What are you doing here? Get out of here. Get out of here. You have no place in my house.

He angrily told the servant to go back upstairs while the other servants looked at him sympathetically.

Who had just lost his job at the hands of Shah Sahib’s anger
And they all knew that for the first time today, due to the absence of Sofia Begum, they would all lose their jobs in turn. And now they were all busy with their own work, after all, they had to save their jobs.

Or God or what is all this? Shah Sahib entered the washroom to take a bath, but today he did not even get normal water.

The geyser was on, but for hot and cold water, he once again remembered Sofia Begum, who used to normalize the water in the morning.

When he quietly left the washroom, Zarrin would do something on the bed in front of him. Found

Go to Zarrin and mix it in cold and hot water. Today there is no Sofia, so I have not done any work. I just ask an employee to press my clothes properly.

How are they pressed and who polishes shoes in this way? Only Sophia can do it better, she finally admitted

What do you think, Shah Sahib? What do you think? I will do all these small things. There is an army of servants in the house to do all these things. Now tell one of them.

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I don’t have all this and anyway you always said that Sofia can’t do anything else but by doing your little things she keeps trying to be bad in your eyes and today you are saying No one can do all this better than that

Well, you go and freshen up. I will send a servant to do this work. Zarin’s trust had turned the mood off knowing that all the property is in the name of Asher and the order of Shah Sahib from above made him even angrier.

That is why she left the room telling him that Shah Sahib had decided wrongly to give her a waiver today.

Shah Sahib vented his anger on the servants and left without breakfast. Neither their clothes were ready on time nor their shoes were polished according to them.

Besides, no one came to the door today holding their briefcases. Unwillingly, he felt the lack of Sofia today

Today, for the first time, he realized that Sofia was a very important part of his life, even if it was nothing

As soon as he left, his grandfather and grandmother had conveyed to Asher all the news of the house, just as Asher had thought. Asher could never have committed the sin of separating his parents at that age, so his grandparents.

Together, he planned to give his mother his due

His grandparents were fully supporting him, they also wanted Shah Sahib to realize the importance of Sofia and today Asher had made him happy by including him in this planning.

He always blamed himself for the destruction of Sofia’s life, because he ruined the life of a good-natured little girl.

His son left Sofia nowhere and took his own wife as his own. Added to life
If Zareen was a good and virtuous woman, how could they accept her, but how could a woman who left her house and ran away with them give the responsibility of her house to such a woman.

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They never took Sofia’s place in their eyes, nor did Zarrin ever try. Zarrin didn’t care about all these things. He wanted wealth and property which he could enjoy and he made himself king. Available from the owner
Then why would she waste her time by establishing good relations with Shah Sahib’s family?

Asher, this plan of yours will work. You haven’t seen Mama. She is very upset. this is very sad. She cries all day long.

For a woman whose husband’s house is her real home, she came with you to save your life, but you are not happy without your husband. Namish was also very worried about Sofia Begum.

Don’t worry, I’m doing everything in my mind. I can’t even think of making a sin by separating my parents at this age. I have made this decision with a lot of thought.

My father is my mother. The value of being will be only when they stay away from them
Otherwise, they will never understand the importance o

f, my mother. You see, very soon my parents will be together again. As soon as they come home last night, they will come to their room and tell everyone.

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He had earlier shared everything of his heart with Namish and also said that his grandparents were also involved in this paling.

He was fighting for his mother’s rights, so why not support him. But Sofia’s upset crying was bothering him too and Asher understood this very well.

Grandparents had gone on Umrah. Zarrin’s presence or absence was the same. Nowadays, Shah Sahib used to return home early because he did not like it anywhere, while Zarrin did not care what her husband did. Has been and what not.

After leaving Sofia, he realized that no one could understand him better than Sofia. At this point in his life, he realized that Sofia was the spouse he needed at this age.

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Zarin used to leave home in the morning and return from a party late at night. Shah Sahib never used to ask questions but now Zarin’s routine had forced him to ask questions.

I went to the party, you know which one is hiding from you, you are talking to me in such a harsh tone, next time do not speak in the same tone, I am Zarin, Shah Sahib is not Sofia, I will bear it all. His accent was very rude

But Zareen, this is not the right time. I have seen the time to return home. You are at two o’clock at the night. In this way, it does not befit a woman of a noble family to have parties till midnight. Her tone also made her angry. ۔

So what makes it beautiful for decent women to wear men’s shoes or give birth to their children or deliver their belongings to the car or keep the stove on for them all day long? In your eyes, it will be the work of decent women but my There is nothing in sight but the deeds of Guar women
Your wife who was zero herself could not do anything all her life.

You are not getting this woman’s work on time, so you are talking to me like this. So open your ears and listen to her in Shah Sahib. I am not an illiterate person but a graduate woman

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The one you are calling illiterate is much more educated than you and he completed his education not here but in America but this woman is different from a woman.

Today he explained to me the difference between a family woman and an outside woman Yes, she is a family woman who does not forget her family customs even after reading so much
And on the other hand,

you are the one who can call yourself modern by studying four classes but can never become a family woman. Shah Sahib had made such a mockery of their loud voice that Zarrin was silent but Shah Sahib Without saying a word went to his room.

Today, he had explained the clear difference between Zarrin and Sofia

Two weeks had passed.
Sofia’s condition was the same today. Sometimes she would have been worried about Shah Sahib’s clothes, sometimes she would have been worried about her shoes, and sometimes she would have thought that Shah Sahib did not like the food of the servants and would not eat anything.

Whether they would drink or not, then sometimes she would burst into tears over her worthlessness that she was so priceless that it didn’t matter to her whether she was there or not.

Asher just said, “Wait a minute, everything will be fine. After Asher went to work, Namish stayed with him all the time. Nowadays, she is learning good cooking from him. She is doing well.” But the benefit of their arrival was that she began to know everything about Asher’s likes and dislikes.

She was making something special for dinner with him in the kitchen when she suddenly felt dizzy before she fell down. Sofia Begum stopped her and sat on a chair next to her.

Moist son, I’m feeling very bad. You cry here. I’ll call the driver. I’ll take you to the hospital.
Sofia Begum, anxiously, reached out with her handkerchief, while Namish did not stop.

It was about half-past one in the night when Shah Sahib felt that Zarin Begum was not in bed
Feeling his absence, he got up and came out because Zarin Begum had returned home at night, so where has she gone now?

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For the last few days, there were constant fights between them. Zarin Begum was showing Shah Sahib her true colors. Sometimes she would come back late at night, sometimes she would never come, sometimes she would go shopping too much, sometimes she would be found in clubs.

Was not hidden
Shah Sahib thought that he would bring Sofia Begum back home and give back to her the rights which in his ignorance he had given to a mean woman like Zarrin.

He was very much ashamed of her and that was the reason why Embarrassed, he could not face them. For so many days, he had been daring to go in front of Sofia Begum.

They were always hit because of Zarin Begum.

He was looking down at Zarrin when he heard a whisper.

Do as I have told you. Asher’s car accident tomorrow.

He should not be spared. If he survives, you will not be spared by me. I will give you as much money as you ask for this work.

Asher should not have survived. Her voice had dragged the earth from the feet of Shah Sahib, so did this woman fall so much that she was ready to take the life of a human being for the sake of wealth?
Now she doesn’t know what she is saying. Hearing the footsteps, she turned and looked at Shah Sahib.