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Cunning woman, I can’t believe my ears. Why did you fall so much? Why did you answer all this? Where am I lacking in my love?
That you are planning to kill my son today

Answer me, why did you answer all this, why do you want to kill my son …! Shah Sahib was holding both his arms very angrily and was shaking them while Zarin Begum Was not ready
Shah Sahib, you have misunderstood, I don’t mean that …

چٹاخ۔ Shut up, you cunning woman, you have made me a fool to listen to your plans with my ears and ignore your greedy and cunning nature, but I have always understood your false love in those eyes. There was a bandage that kept me blind, but not anymore. You want to kill my son … My son’s …?
Only for this wealth and fame.

You are only talking about killing my son for this money.

I will kill you in a cunning woman.
چٹاخ۔ One slap after another, Zarrin’s mind was spinning

For a cunning and lousy woman like you, I ruined everything I had.

the rebelled against my parents until I hit a loyal and faithful woman like Soofka for you.

I disregarded her and you feel so low and ugly.
the will take your life.

Shah Sahib’s hand was now on his neck and he was squeezing his neck with such cruelty that maybe there was only a short time left in his life when the servants ran away after hearing all these screams.

He separated them from Zarin Begum

Leave me alone I will kill this woman I will kill her Shah’s anger and madness were not diminishing in any way

Were happening rush stories

Lush Stories

lush stories
lush stories

Shah Sahib, control yourself, in this way you will become a sinner by taking his life. I call the police station. A servant wisely stopped him while the rest of the people tried to control him.

She was eating slowly when Sofia Begum was forcibly feeding on the force of the stick standing on her head and Asher stopped his smile and turned towards the food.

Just Mama is mine. I can’t eat more than that. Namish begged while looking at him
Silent girl, this is how you will nurture my generation.

You eat and drink. You are nothing and your fun does not end. Sofia Begum stared at him.

She looked down again and started eating fast food.

And Mama, yesterday it was soaking wet in the rain
If you sit quietly, I will see you later.

He had money
Alas, I am waiting for you to see me.

She whispered in his ear in a whisper that I just stared at him.
And the fear of Sofia began to bite again

She was so sweet. Her mother-in-law, who loves her so much, was not angry at all. But a week ago, when she found out that she was going to be embarrassed, all her love had turned into anger.

He was not worried at all, if he was worried, only his future grandson or granddaughter

I promise I will not do anything like this in the future. Please, I am not being eaten.

She repented of her mischief and started begging. Sofia Begum once again became a hard mother-in-law and a soft mother.

I am not your enemy my life but for a woman who is a mother all these things can be harmful like getting wet in the rain and going up and down the stairs, again and again, it is not good for the baby now she was explaining it with love

When Asher was happy to see his mother’s face change, her mother was very mentally disturbed for some time but for a week now she was also happy. All her time was spent taking care of Namish.

On the other hand, what was happening in Shah Sahib’s mansion was known to him at every moment. Zarin was sent to jail and Shah Sahib,

seeing her divorce in front of the entire media, dismissed her from every relationship with him.

Asher didn’t know how it all happened, yes, but he was waiting for an apology from his father for his mother.

Seeing them both busy, he said goodbye to them and left for the office
While saying goodbye to her, the two of them were busy once again.

Indian Lush Stories
indian lush stories
Indian lush stories

While Asher’s intention was to meet Baba after office today, he had to answer the media about all that had happened. Why did something happen? Did Allah listen to him? Did his mother’s share of love and honor go to him?

He was smoking a cigar in his thoughts. When he looked at the door, he saw his parents in front of him and bowed his head in embarrassment.

What’s going on in the news, son? What’s going on? You divorced Zarrin. What happened all of a sudden? Son, mother came and sat beside him with great anxiety

Amy, I am a very disobedient son. I have never been the cause of your pride and I have hurt Sofia a lot. For Zarrin’s sake, that woman wanted to separate my child from me. For the sake of fame, that’s why I kicked this woman out of my life forever.

Such a cunning and deceitful woman has no place in my life. Her tone was very strong.
So did the children return home to their mother?

There was sadness in his eyes which made him ashamed again
No, I do not have the courage to confront her. I do not have the courage to apologize to her.
There was an embarrassment in her eyes

She is your wife, my dear. Why can’t she forgive you? Once you go, have a little courage, then you will see. Once you say it, she will come back. She won’t even give you a chance to apologize. Had the courage

I am also a sinner of yours. Mother, forgive me. For the sake of your stubbornness, I embarrassed you too. I could not pay for the right to have children. He was apologizing to both of them.
The mother opened her hands and kissed him on the forehead while Shah Sahib hugged his son to his chest.

They liked Asher’s decision very much. Today, everything was fine because of his spelling.

Parents fix everything in their children’s lives, but it is a matter of pride for a child to be born before Hud. Asher thinks of her parents Asher was one of those children who thought of the welfare of his parents more than Hud and of course, he was proud of his grandson
Shah Sahib himself was going to take his daughter-in-law once again by convincing his son

Lush Bisexual Stories

lush bisexual stories
lush bisexual stories

Eventually, he collected all his belongings and drove home. Seeing them entering, Sofia, who was sitting on the lawn, got up and stood up

His parents were very happy to meet him and Namish was also very nice to meet him while Shah Sahib was standing behind him with his head bowed in embarrassment during all this. Sofia had seen him before. But even today she did something good to him.

Were not hoping
Sofia’s son Shah wants to talk to you. Alone, my mother said looking at Sofia

When Asher happily entered the house after seeing Shah Sahib’s car outside and the moment had come when he was going to be with his parents again, Sofia Begum looked at Asher who was inside them. She was gesturing to leave. She just silently looked at Shah Sahib and entered while Shah Sahib came behind her with her head bowed in embarrassment.

And as soon as he left, his grandfather and grandmother began to tell Asher the whole story of how Zarrin had planned to kill him, after which Shah Sahib divorced Zarrin, took him out of his life, and put him in jail. Given

While grandparents were also paying tribute to Asher, finally his planning worked and Shah Sahib came here to apologize for his mistakes.

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Parents always think well of their children and want the best for them, but for their parents, children who think before themselves get lucky parents, just as the parents of a lion did.

I am your sinner in Sofia. They have treated you very badly. I have never spoken to you properly. They have always disrespected you. I have never given you the right to be a wife. I have never honored you. She tried to destroy me just for the sake of wealth and fame.

She wanted to kill my son
I made a mistake Sofia forgive me I am your sinner I wasted 28 years of your life I know I am not worthy of forgiveness but still I stand in front of you with folded hands folded in their eyes Sofia Begum opened her hands in agony, put her head on his hands and burst into tears.

Sofia I ruined you all my life I am a great sinner I have abused you so much

But the fact is that after a few days without you, I realized that I had never loved Zarrin, I used to love you, I used to tell you the truth and I did not give you the right to call me my wife. I am a very bad person. Forgive me only once.

I will never give you another chance to complain. Shah Sahib was holding his hands and begging.

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my lush stories
my lush stories

I was never angry with you shah sahib I never thought anything wrong for you you were always my husband you are my boss bad I couldn’t even think about you I know this was my test and Allah tests those whom He wills.

Surely, He loves me very much, so He heard my prayer today and sent you here.

Sofia Begum smiled and said that Shah Sahib also rose again
So let’s go home. Your house. Your husband is waiting for you.

He took her by the hand and lifted her from the sofa.

And today Sofa was going home with him with honor and respect

Yaa Yahoo everything is fine Mama Baba you both look very cute together Namish complimented from his heart and hugged Sofia Begum while Asher was also very happy
Yes, let’s all go home
Yes, yes, of course.

Lush Love Stories
lush love stories
lush love stories

Mama, please, at least my soup and porridge will kill you. Namish laughed mischievously.

Don’t think like that at all. I will take you with me and the first child of this lion will be born in my house. He will grow up to be who he is and I will take care of you every single moment. Don’t be in a good mood. to remain

Sofia Begum slammed him
What do you mean Namish’s daughter-in-law is full of hope? Aman Ji was in a bad mood. Sofia Begum smiled and nodded.

So don’t leave her alone here.

Take her with you now. Mom immediately grabbed her hand and almost forcibly took her with her. Namish turned to look at Asher for help
The one who walked slowly came to him and spoke very close to his ear
Moisture darling forgot to tell my grandmother is hotter than my mother, so in front of them is absolutely no fun.

He was holding the driver’s seat showing the green flag when Namish’s mouth opened.

Namish, don’t sit next to me, it will get cold, and my health will deteriorate. My mother saw him opening the front door of the car and said.

Lush Taboo Stories

lush taboo stories
lush taboo stories

What a cruel society it is. I had just met my mother and grandmother. She too became a cruel mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law.


the end

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