What To Give A Coworker Who Losh a Parent

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what to give a coworker who lost a parent

When she came out after taking a bath, she saw Asher busy with his laptop
the began to remember Farah’s words

She met him only yesterday and he told her that she had met Asher
that had gone to his house to pick him up, but not Namish, but he had met Asher
Farah had told him

Names, I don’t like Asher Bhai. I have seen love for you in his eyes
They are not like Zahid’s Basil

They are very different from other men
Farah spent 2 to 3 hours explaining it

But even so, Namish’s thought was stuck there that a rich man can never belong to anyone
She couldn’t trust anyone after the way Basel ruined the life of her dearest friend.
And Zahid was like her husband Zahid in her eyes whose trust changed with time
In such a situation, it was impossible for him to believe in Asher

She was lost in thought when she suddenly felt the touch of Asher’s hands on her back
And then a soft touch was felt on his neck and his heart began to randomly
He was standing very close to her

And not only was he standing, but with his lips, he was picking drops of water on his neck
Namish felt the touch of her lips and she would die. With a pounding heart, she could feel his presence.

What To Get A Coworker Who Lost a Loved One

what to get a coworker who lost a loved one

The storm in his breath he had heard for the first time since today. His heart was telling him a lot
This touch, this feeling, this siege, why didn’t he feel bad?

His mind was saying that Asher’s closeness was only temporary, while his heart was testifying that he really wanted her.

In this battle of heart and mind, she was badly entangled. When Asher suddenly turned her towards him, he took her face in his hands and was looking at her with deep eyes.
While she was silently looking at his face.

No protests and no resistance of any kind
Asher turned to him
Even after looking at his face for a long time, when I didn’t answer him, he smiled helplessly and leaned on his lips.

Feeling the softness of her lips for a while, he moved away from her. Namish’s breathing was random. A storm of love began to rise in his heart.

But it was difficult to express and yet the mind had not accepted her love she could not just respond to the sounds of the heart

Beautiful Love Stories

She moved away from him and once again her eyes began to circle his face
She smiled at his nervousness as she rolled her eyes and looked at the button on his shirt as if she had never seen anything more beautiful in her life.

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Get ready quickly. I’m waiting for you at the breakfast table downstairs
Let’s have breakfast together.

I seal his forehead. He went out of there.
While Namish kept looking at the same standing door.

Namish didn’t mind Asher touching her like that, how comfortably he was making his place in her life
In front of Shumaila, he told her how important she was to Asher. He did not allow her to insult Namish.

His innocent heart had been singing Asher’s guns ever since
And to love him as Asher, to look at him, to touch him, to touch his lips, all this did not offend him.
Her touch was changing the world of her heart

Lost In Someone’s Love

lost in someone’s love

the began to feel helpless in front of this man
She did not resist coming to him
that did not show any kind of anger
She herself was amazed at the state of her changing heart
There was a storm in his heart

Farah had already tried her best to knock Asher’s name on her heart by praising her.
Now even her best friend was taking her name

And Farah was the only person she understood and believed in. Her words always seemed right, and somewhere Asher himself was beginning to take his place in her heart.

But when and where did it get into her heart and how did she start thinking about it
She herself could not understand anything. Her heart was asking her, but only God knew the answer.

Who had established a bond like marriage and after that there is love?

And so it was with him
The beautiful buds of love began to knock on his heart
Two words of marriage had made him completely helpless in the case of Asher
When she got ready and came downstairs, Asher was waiting for her at the breakfast table. As soon as she sat down, he started serving her food himself.

He had also noticed today that he used to make breakfast with his own hands every morning before he had even noticed this.

When the feelings and thoughts of the heart changed, the whole scene became clear to him
The two had a leisurely breakfast and then left for the office in the front seat of Asher’s car.

As soon as he reached the office, all the workers stood up and started saluting him while he was walking forward, looking back, again and again, smiling and gesturing to follow him.

What To Get A Coworker Who Lost A Parent

It wasn’t all new or different, it was every day. But why was it all feeling so much today?
She couldn’t understand why this person’s words were her style and she herself was starting to like it very much

She was much calmer yesterday than today. Today her heart was restless. She was very restless. I don’t know why everything seemed new today. Everything was falling apart. Does it happen in one night of love? In my heart the world has change.

He thought that when he fell in love, everything would change
But nothing had changed, everything was the same, just the world of the heart had changed

Preparations for Asher’s party had begun
Asher’s birthday was all over the place. In just a few days, it was his birthday, which included the city’s big businessmen and politicians.

His party was at its peak every year and this year too the party was getting ready with Shaun Shaukat.

And Shah Sahib was the most awaited party because he was going to make a big decision this year
This year he was to announce the marriage of Asher.

Because Farhat was so stubborn that Asher didn’t care
Neither speaks to him on the phone
Nor does it take him out for a walk
Nor does it meet.

And all these things were bothering him because of all these things Zarrin was getting angry with him whose anger could never be afforded.

Seeing Ashar ignore this joy, he decided that he would decide to marry her as soon as possible.
So that they too can settle down in their life and start a beautiful life with joy.

And just three days later, he was about to announce Farhat and her marriage in front of the whole party.