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lush stories
lush stories

Asher understood that Namish was thinking about him. I don’t know what was going on. It was going on in Junmesh’s heart. He kept looking at himself helplessly and then looking down at him. Was forced.

And inwardly he was very happy with her changing condition
He would stand by her or bring her close to him. She did not resist in any way.

Asher began to understand that she was also beginning to accept his relationship and this was a very pleasant thing for Asher.

This deal is ours. Asher, now you have to sign tomorrow, then your biggest dream will come true.

The biggest deal of your business career. She had been listening to Shaila for a long time and Asher was smiling. The joy of winning something was clearly visible on her face.

Namahesh was also smiling at her. She could clearly see how important this project was to her. It was the biggest project of her business career for which she worked day. and night for almost a year

Was doing and now this dream of his was about to come true.
Namish was also very happy.

She began to think so much about Asher, why she began to dominate herself, thinking that she had disturbed herself so much that the result was a high fever.

Asher, feeling his absence at the dinner table, went upstairs because he hadn’t even had lunch. He had to go to a meeting at lunchtime because of an important meeting, which made him very hungry and dinner.

So I got into the habit of doing it with Namish.

Today he was very calm because tomorrow he was going to achieve his dream. He thought that now he will speak clearly to Namish.

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free lush stories

It is going to be a month to accept their marriage and any relationship. One month was enough and now Namish and he should think about their next life
He also knew that Namish was also beginning to like him, so it was pointless to stay so far away.

When he stepped into the room, he found Namish lying on the bed, fast asleep. He was not sleeping so fast.

He came to her with anxiety. And then what he was afraid of happened. Was turning red
Checking his temperature, he started yelling at Sadaf. Seeing his cool and gentle boss making such noises, Sadaf also ran to his room.

Sadaf, call the doctor. Namish is very ill. Hurry up. He seemed very restless. His restlessness forced Sadaf to move his hands and feet too fast.

Nothing. Nowadays girls get the slightest thing over their minds. They have got fever due to Metli Disturbance. I have given medicine. I will get rest till morning. The doctor said smiling.

But Asher did not even smile
I don’t know what was the thing that Namish had put on her to such an extent that she got a fever.

If her bus was running, she would take away her Namish from every difficulty and take all her worries on herself.

He was not relieved to see Namish burning with fever. He sat with her all night. His eyes did not catch even for a second.

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lush crossdressing stories
lush crossdressing stories

Nor did he intend to sleep. If his bus had run, he would not have let it go out of his sight even for a moment.

When his eyes were opened at about eleven o’clock in the morning, he was disturbed to see her sitting on the chair with him. He looked very restless with the shave in his clothes.

Seeing his fragmented condition, he also looked at him. Pity he sat here all night because of it
Sitting on the chair, maybe he was asleep. Namish moved a little, then the next moment he opened his red eyes and started looking at him.

How is your nature now? Your restlessness was clearly reflected in his style
Your meeting was at nine o’clock, he said coming to his senses

Hell meeting you tell me how are you now there is no headache now there is no fever he was saying touching both her cheeks

That was your dream project. She had already guessed from his appearance that he did not go to the meeting. That is why he spoke emphatically.
Namish was not more important than you.

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There is nothing more important than you. Do you think that I will leave you for this meeting with a fever like this? How can you even think that nothing is more important than giving?

Let’s get up and freshen up. I’ll bring you breakfast. She got up after looking at herself, but she was still staring at him.
He was completely unconcerned about his dream project.

He came into the room with breakfast. When Namish came out fresh, he was putting breakfast on the ta
Come on man, I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday. I had breakfast with you yesterday morning and I’m still hungry.

I hadn’t lost my appetite yet, but now seeing you well, the rat in my stomach is making a fuss.

He was holding her hand and sitting her on the sofa and saying very lovingly
she was hungry for her all night, for which he ignored his many years of hard work.

He did not know how much he had lost. the stayed up all night for her, taking care of her.

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Expressing love, giving it the most important in everything. Wasn’t it all love? Even after all this, she would show her love and call it drama.

She was so stupid.
Namish was watching him
Dude, when I look so handsome you don’t look at me and when I wear the same clothes from the neck and don’t wash my face properly, you look at me as if you have never seen me as a handsome man in your life.

She smiled as she put breakfast on the table and she stole her eyes helplessly. But her heartbeat was startling. It was very safe to note his movements

In the evening, seeing Asher getting ready for the office, she couldn’t help but ask
One was not letting him get out of bed anyway and was going out himself now
Dude, today is the first date of the month.

I have to go to the office. All the workers have to pay their dues. No matter what happens, I must go to the office on the first date because a lot of people have high hopes for me on this day.

Can’t ignore
By the way, my office managers can do this, but seeing the happiness on the faces of these people gives me peace of mind, so I give them their due with my own hands.

I’ll just go for an hour and come back. He was smiling when Namish spoke
I am also your worker. Where is my salary? I am sick. I can’t go to the office today, so give me my salary

He suddenly remembered his uncle whose daughter was married and had to pay off his father’s debt
Here is your salary, Begum.

I had already set aside this. She smiled and pointed to the envelope placed on the dressing table.

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lush wife stories

Namish was so happy to know why she got up at the same time
I have to go to the neighborhood …! She looked at him and said that she wanted him to leave her alone

Namish, you are not well, man, go in the morning. She started to explain but she did not want to understand

No, I have to go. Wait for two minutes. I will come after changing. He had always decided not to listen to her. He also became silent.

She had come to her neighborhood happily. the had dropped out of Ashara. She had first come to her uncle’s shop so that she could pay them back. Why was there so much happiness on her face while taking off Baba’s debt? She was so calm that now her father would be calm

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As soon as he came to his uncle’s shop, he greeted him and started giving him the envelope. He looked at him in surprise.

Uncle, look at the money that Baba has borrowed from you. I am returning it on time. He said happily but Uncle’s next words bothered him.

But son, why are you giving this money? Your husband has given me the money, but he has given me more money so that I can marry my daughter well.

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He is a very good child. Allah has placed a gold heart in his chest. He was telling me that if he needed more money, I would tell him so that there would be no shortage in his sister’s marriage.

I have got a son in his form. Didn’t he tell you anything about it? He asked him in surprise while Namish ran out of words to speak.

Without saying a word, she came to her uncle’s house from there. By now, maybe her uncle has changed the map of her house. The two-room house where she spent her childhood was very dear to her.

But it was rented and it is true that rented houses do not have beautiful memories. Aunty had been asking them to leave this house for many years. She would come to the support of her friend with a big heart.

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crossdressing stories lush

He thought that today he would take the belongings of his father’s house to Asher’s house because he was in vain on the necks of the people there.

The uncle did not leave his footing even after Baba’s departure. Or she was, but she was not a fool herself.

So she thought she would take all her things out of the house so that her uncle could rent it to someone else.

Everyone was very happy to meet her and her aunt’s style was completely different.
When he talked about leaving the house, his uncle also started looking at him in surprise
Why don’t you call my son to pick up things from his own house?

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You have a house, you have your belongings, and if you leave here with your belongings, you will have to stay in the name of Mecca.

But Auntie, this house is not my own. Yes, only rent and rental items are not seized. His style was very subdued. Maybe they were showing sympathy.

What does it mean to rent? Didn’t your husband tell you that he has bought the house from us? Aunty did the explosion when he was unaware of it.

And she was going to see them in the blast
How that person was opening up to him.

We said we would not send this house. After all, it was part of our house, but your husband paid three times as much as the market for this two-room house.

He says that my wife has spent her childhood here. She has beautiful memories of her childhood. Here are the memories of her father and he can’t see the memories of his father being banished like this.

And his words made such an impact on your uncle’s heart that he too sold his house and died.
That house is yours now. Namish is your name. She can come there whenever she wants. She can stay there whenever she wants.

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crossdresser stories lush
crossdresser stories lush

Moisture in her eyes turned into tears and she burst into tears.
He was slow to understand but the person who met him was not even found by the lucky ones. How much he had disrespected him.

He did not even mention how much he had done for her.
Even now, if she called her love selfish, she was worthless

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