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Asher hurriedly finished his work and was preparing to return home. Why was he about to leave his office when he saw that he was happy? His mood was very bad. He wanted to go home quickly because of the nature of the exhibition.

He was upset anyway and now that she was thinking about it, he wanted to spend as much time with her as possible, but Marwat had to take a bath.

Otherwise, Baba would get angry with her and train her mother. I had to raise my finger.

And he couldn’t stand his mother’s training
He smiled and welcomed Farhat.

Farhat also entered with a smile on her face. But she had noticed his false smile very well. She knew that she was not particularly happy when he came here.

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She smiled and held Asher’s full hand which she wanted to hold for the rest of her life. After all, she was the sole heir to the property of millions.

Otherwise, what could she do with this proud man? She just wanted to score her future. She would never look back on such neglect.

How are you, Farhat? Suddenly you were surprised here. It was clear that he was just playing Marwat. Farhat smiled faintly.

I came to give you a surprise. I haven’t been here for so many days. Where are you missing? You were missing me a lot.

That’s why I came here. You didn’t mind my coming. Maybe you were going out.
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either. Looks like BT ain’t for me either.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me.

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What happened? Why are you silent? After ordering coffee, he didn’t say anything for a long time, then Farhat asked.

Farhat, I think we should get out of this family relationship. We can become good friends. Why don’t you move on in your life? You will find a very good person who will be much better than me.

We are putting each other’s lives in trouble in vain. I know you are doing this marriage only and only on the will of your uncle.

You have a whole life in front of you which you have got only once. The methods should go their own way.

I know that if you are given the right to decide your life, it will not be in the person you want. We are two different sides of the same coin.

Suppose we get married, we will never be together. Will not meet the standards. My choice is someone else’s thinking.

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You can never be my choice and I can never be the kind of husband you want.

We are very different from each other Farhat Asher had never said such things to Farhat before but now Namish Had it become the most important part of life, Farhat could not have been placed on any false hope
the had not told anyone about Namish yet because it was not a sudden thing to say.

He wanted to calmly tell his father that he had included someone in his life.

the wanted to explain to him that Her choice is not Farhat but someone else and she was going to do these things calmly and not explosively.

What happened to you, Asher? Why are you talking like this? If I have made a mistake, you can tell me. I try my best to make my life the way you like, but then again.

Don’t even know what you don’t like
And as far as this relationship is concerned, not only is she getting married for her family,

but I also like you. Yes, I like you. There is no old fashion with which you will be forced and who will deny you? Who wouldn’t want to live with UR Perfect Man and this Perfect Man?

As if she wanted to end this subject, today he was clearly saying in front of her that he did not like her. Tomorrow he could say in front of everyone and she could not take any risk on her future.

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I don’t want Farhat to speak clearly now

I don’t want this relationship I don’t want to marry you I want to end it all here I want to end this relationship before giving it any name. Farhat, you are not the girl I want in my life I want to add. I don’t want to hurt you but I can’t handle this forced relationship either.

My goal is not to show my heart but I will not compromise my life in any way. There was no flexibility

So who do you like …! Tell me who is the girl you like …! Of course you will be your worker. Well, I know very well two such girls

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The boss knows very well how to get caught and I have known about your affair for a long time but I think it is a matter of two or three days when your heart is full you will leave it yourself
But no, that girl has probably got on your mind. What drugs has she given you to marry? Yes, of course, she must be blackmailing you, otherwise, you don’t like third-class so much.

But you don’t have to worry about handling such girls. I know very well what she understood and what she was saying.

Shut up Farhat, what nonsense are you talking about? I thought I’d be able to handle you easily.

But I think my thinking was wrong

That’s why I’m telling you plainly, yes, it’s true that I like someone and work in the same office, but the words you are using for that are not the same.

He still didn’t want to talk, he just wanted to explain that she was a misunderstanding
Asher, I have no interest in all of this. I don’t know who he is. I don’t know, nor do I want to know. It would be better for you to forget him, otherwise, you will have to answer all these things in front of your father.

Maybe she wanted to silence him by threatening.

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Fine, I will refuse to marry you in front of my father
What do you deny? You’re going to refuse to marry me for a couple of pennies.

He couldn’t believe it.
She is not a girl of two pennies, but the heartbeat of Asher Shah and special to me is joy and she will be included in my life.

I can never leave her for you and I will never forget that is why it is better that Change your ways. You can never live up to the standards of Asher Shah.

He was told in clear words today

Asher Shah needs a wife like Sofia to take care of him in every difficulty. Zarin is not the one to break the house of others and you can only become Zarin.

Becoming Sofia is not your time. She stood still and watched him, and Asher took a long step and left.

When no joy came to the back of the feeling of being hit

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He had entered the house in a bad mood and saw that Namish was having dinner at the table for the first time today
Namish, what are you doing? Your health is not good before and you are working. Where did Sadaf die? He was angry, that’s why he spoke angrily.

What has happened? a started to help Sadaf like this and I am working in someone else’s house. I have my own house. I have to take care of all this.

Today, his style has changed. Asher had noticed at the moment and His off-mood began to enjoy itself.

How are you? Now he started touching her forehead and saying
Asher’s smile deepened as he said, “What’s the matter with a husband who cares so much?”
What has happened? The wife seems to have a fever. You are talking so much and Asher had guessed it.

But this sentence of his had spoiled Namish’s mood
You just want me to always be open-mouthed and always be angry with you so that wherever you want to open your mouth and listen to one thing, I will not allow you to do what you want from now on. I wish it would happen

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And I know it will be the way I want it to be because you love me so much and you can never hurt me … There was a sense in his voice that the effect on his next move was disturbing.

Why do you love me? I’m not so good in love with you. I don’t know what she was thinking when she came. Seeing the immense love for herself in her eyes, she burst into tears.

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Aunty forbade her to cry. Don’t cry at all. Laughter. Happiness. Start your new life. You are lucky to have a husband like Asher. Now you have to make her and your life a paradise.

She is here
That she would accept this relationship and start a new life with Asher, but under the grace of this man she was so overwhelmed that she could not control her tears. How great was this man who could do so much? It was not until after that.

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What a foolish thing to do. Why are you crying like this? He was happy with the way he was. He was completely confused when he cried like this.

Asher, I am a very bad wife I annoyed you very much I treated you very badly Please forgive me. You have done so much for me You have always stood by me in my pain and I appreciate your love Could not

I am so insignificant. My good fortune was standing in front of me with arms outstretched and I went to hit him because of my stupidity. I don’t understand but I am a big fool. I am an asshole.
She was bursting into tears, losing her strength, while Asher was smiling.

There is no doubt about it, you are real … He smiled and said, then Namish raised his head and looked at him but he put his head on his chest again without giving him a chance to say anything.

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Moisture darling, now that you are conscious, your mind is running out, now your husband will not let you do any more stupidity.

Today we will start our life anew. He was saying to each other with love while Namish looked down with a smile but his eyes were fixed on the next thing.
Then let’s go to Rome.

He held her face in both hands and spoke very lovingly while Namish was terribly nervous.

“I’m hungry,” she said, moving away from him, but her grip was strong
Ignoring his resistance to your hunger, he took her in his arms and climbed the stairs in an instant.

Farhat son stop crying you don’t have to worry no outside girl can make her place in Asher’s life and as long as I’m with you you don’t have to worry at all she is my son never deny in front of me

Farhat was crying in the middle of the mansion while all the members of the house were there. Grandparents did not like her at all but today Asher’s clear refusal was dedicated to them.

When Shah Sahib did not understand anything, he used to make Sofia the target of his wrath. Even then he was cursing her training.

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Sofia was already ready for all this. She knew that if not today. All this is bound to happen tomorrow.

While Zarrin was cursing Asher instead of stopping her from crying by holding her niece with her.
Listen, Shah Sahib, if he refuses my niece, he will not be able to show his face in his family. I have come to the whole family saying that I will make my niece my daughter-in-law. Will be.

Zarin had stopped crying and all the anger of Shah Sahib was coming out on Sofia Begum again and again.

Why are you standing silent now? Call your son here crying. He shouted angrily at Sofia Begum when Sofia glanced at her niece and then moved towards the phone.